Kitchen Manager - How to Publish a Document, Message or URL

The Publish Menu lets you set up and publish documents, messages and URL links to web pages. Messages and documents are loaded into Kitchen Manager and you can then publish them to single, multiple sites or groups.

  This article will teach you...

How to use Kitchen Manager Publish.

Accessing Publish

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Publish.

Starting the Publishing Process

Upon selecting Publish Click Add [1] located in the top left corner.


Selecting Publishing Category

Before entering the rest of the information you will first want to set the Publishing Category [2].



A Document could contain information within a PDF, Word Document or Recipe Breakdown.

A message could be used for communicating important updates to the relevant kitchens and informing them of any major updates.
A URL will contain a link to a website that the tablet can access if they have a stable internet connection. Examples could include Training Modules, YouTube Videos or Payslips.


Please note depending on the category you have chosen, the publishing process will change. The following section will provide an individual breakdown of how to publish each category.

Publishing Document or Message


Title [1]

The title will be the name of the document published on the Tablet. When a user goes to access the document they can identify it by using the inputted title.

Priority [2]
Priority contains 3 different options to choose from. Low - Documents that do not require immediate attention. Normal - Documents that are important but not urgent. High - Documents are urgent and have to be read by the end user immediately.
Available [3]
The available section indicates when the document will be available to be viewed on the tablet and when to be removed from the tablet.
Folder [4]
Exclusive to the documents category, you can organise published articles into their respective folders so the user can easily navigate to the section and find it.
File [5]
Exclusive to the Document Category. Selecting Choose File will open your computer documents. You must locate and attach the respective documents.
Note [6]
Exclusive to the Document Category. If the user needs to be informed of any additional information then you can add this using the Notes section.

Publishing a URL


Title, Priority, and Available work the same as in the previous section. Two new options have been included under the URL Category.


URL [1]

You must enter the URL Link into this section. This will be the link the user will see when trying to access it.

Icon [2]
You must select an Icon to be displayed on the tablet. Selecting Choose File will load up your computer documents and you must select where the Icon is currently stored. Icons can be no larger than 50kb.

Selecting Upload will finish the process and the file can now be shown within the published files list.


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