Use the Publish menu

The Publish Menu lets you set up and publish documents, messages and URL links to web pages. Messages and documents are loaded into Kitchen Manager and you can then publish them to single or multiple sites, or groups.

  • Documents must be pdf files to a maximum 1MB in size (to ensure acceptable sync times). Documents can be shown on the tablet in folders - see the Admin Menu on where you can set these up
  • Messages are like simple text messages
  • URLs can be any website and are accessed through the web app on the tablet. Test these links on the tablet to make sure it can open the website 

Document Summary

Add and publish a document or message 

To add a document:

  1. Click Add
  2. In the Add Document box enter document details
  3. Browse for file and upload
  4. Click Save (when you select a Message or Document you can’t change your choice)
  5. In Availability select a start and end date for document to be available
  6. To view or edit a document click File
  7. Enter the details and click Publish
  8. Choose the sites to publish it to and click Publish
  9. You can see if the document has been downloaded and/or viewed by any site