Admin (SU) - Max Item and Order Limit Configurable

The Maximum item limit and Maximum order limit set a global limit for all supplier orders being made only if the individual Hard and Soft ‘Maximum order item/order limits’ requirements are met for each supplier.

  This article will teach you...

How to access and use Max Item Order Limits.

Accessing Suppliers

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Admin.

Configurable Details

Select Configure [1] from the navigation tree to start the configuration process.

Maximum Item Limit [2] and Maximum Order Limit [3] options are located at the bottom.

Using the Text Field [4] set the limits. 


Click Save [5] to apply the changes made.



In the event a user sets a Soft or Hard order/item limit higher than the global limit, the user will receive the following pop-up warning; “Save changes failed. Please reduce the Max Item/Order limit for the following suppliers…” 

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