How to place an order in the Orders & Deliveries App

This Quick Ref shows how to place an order using the Kitchen Manager module on your tablet. All order related activities are carried out through the Orders & Deliveries app:


Tap Orders & Deliveries - your current Orders and Deliveries are shown on the screen. 








  • To create a re-useable order tap Menu Options (the three dots on the top right hand corner of the screen) and from the drop-down list select Save as Favourite 
  • To see the stock item details tap the item name and select Detail 


  • Always check your order value before you submit – you cannot change it afterwards 
  • If the tablet fails to sync your order will not be sent to the supplier and you will get a warning message. You will need to sync the tablet again.  


When you have submitted your order the tablet syncs automatically and you can see your order status on the screen. 


  • If the status says Signed Off you need to sync the tablet so that the order is pushed through and the status says Sending to Supplier 
  • When the supplier receives the order - which can be up to 2 hours after you have submitted it – the new order status changes to Order Confirmed. You may have to perform a manual sync to see the change.


Order Confirmed





The order details screen may show the supplier's notes for items that are not authorised (highlighted in red) or have been substituted (highlighted in orange):


If items are not authorised you will need to select a similar item and place a new order for same day delivery.