Design - Adding & Editing Forms, Publish to a tablet and Manager signoff

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How to use Design within Kitchen Manager.

How to Use Forms Webinar

  Table of Contents
  1. Create a new folder
  2. Adding Forms 
  3. Add form content
  4. Import form
  5. Publish Form to Tablet
  6. Form Signoff and Approval

Create a new folder

To add a Form to Kitchen Manager you need to save it in an existing folder or create a new folder as follows: 

Go to Kitchen Manager > Admin [1] > Form Folders [2] > click Add [3]


In the new window enter a Folder Name [4].

If required, click the Choose File [5] button to add an icon for the new folder.

NOTE: The file size limit for the Icon is limited to 100 Kb and use either a .JPEG or .PNG file type.

Click Save [6].

The New folder [1] is added to the form folders list:


The New folder [1] can be moved into another folder to make it a Sub folder [2].

To save your changes, click Save [3].

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Adding Forms 

There are currently six types of Form in Kitchen Manager. You can configure them so they require actions and sign-off, as well as automatically emailing them to managers.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Design > New folder (Expenses) [1] > Add Form [2]


NOTE: When a format change is made to a form in the Kitchen Manager it will not change the format of archived forms.

In the Add Form window enter the Form Name [3] and Form Description [4] and set the following:

  • Form Type [5] 
    • Standard – the basic form lets you add a variety of question types
    • Fridge temp - allows fridge temperatures to be recorded with a time and date stamp
    • Auto-summarise - enables the user to sign-off multiple forms at the same time; the exported form automatically adds figures
    • Grid - enables you to create daily/weekly food checks or shift work data
    • Event - enables you add and edit a wide range of event types including hospitality and non-school meal income
    • Transport - lets the Production and Dining Centres record and sign off food supplies and deliveries on a single form
  • Form Frequency [6] 
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
    • Annually
    • As required
  • Sign-off Option [7] 
    • No signature
    • 1 Signature: This signature is compulsory to submit the Form
    • 2 Signatures: Tick box will become available to make both signatures compulsory 
  • Form Style [8]
    • No Action: No action required from senior members of staff
    • Action Required: Action required from a senior members of staff
    • Send Email: New field will become available to enter destination email address
    • Email to Manager: New field will become available to enter Cc email address
    • Manager sign-off: Record staff expenses for an Area Manager to sign off or reject via their tablet
  • No. of weeks on tablet [9]: Default is set to 4 (this cannot be edited)
  • Folder [10] destination: This can be changed to another Folder or Sub-folder
  • Form Status [11] 
    • Open
    • Archive

Click Save [12] to create a blank Form Template.

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Confidential forms

Administrators can make confidential forms that are accessible and editable on the tablet for Kitchen Staff to fill in (e.g. illness, return to work, bereavement, etc.). Once a user has completed and signed off a confidential form it is no longer visible on the tablet.

NOTE: For creating a Form and publishing it to a tablet refer to Add a form and publish to a tablet.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Design > click Add Form [1] button


In the Add Form window fill in the details as usual, click the Confidential checkbox [2] to make the form confidential.

When the details are filled in click the Save button [3].

When a confidential form is filled out on the tablet and submitted for sign-off the form is no longer visible to any user on the tablet.

NOTE: If the device is not connected to the internet when the confidential form is filled in and submitted, the form will be stored on the device and remain hidden to all other users until the next sync.

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Add form content

To add form content on your desktop click the form name. Add a question group name and the questions.


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Import form

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Archiving Forms

You can  archive forms to prevent old forms being synced to the tablet. Click here for the QuickRef video.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Design > Select a Form to archive.

Set the form status to Archive.

In Kitchen Manager, click the collapsible Archive menu to view the archived forms.

To re-open and archived form and move it from Archive to Active, go to Kitchen Manager > Design > Expand Archive menu [1]> select the folder with the form > select the form > change Status [2] to Open > click Save [3].

NOTE: Form status changes are recorded in the event log.

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Publish Form to Tablet

To publish  your form on the tablet you need to make it available to specific site types:




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Form Signoff and Approval

When a Form has been completed and signed off by the user on the tablet it will need to be Sync'd to upload the Form to the Desktop otherwise it will show as In Progress [1].


After the Form has been sync'd on the device the Desktop status will be changed to Submitted [2].


When the Form is in the Submitted status the Manager or Admin User either can Approve [3] or Reject [4] the Form. 

NOTE: All Forms submitted will be recorded on the Desktop but the Admin user or Manager will not be alerted that there is a Form that need's their attention.


If the Submitted form does not require Manager signoff it will be automatically Approved on the Desktop.

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