Getting Started - Kitchen Manager App

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A summary of how to use the Kitchen Manager application.

Logging Into the Tablet


In order to access the Kitchen Manager (KM) application you must receive your details from the school administrator.

Upon retrieving your Login details go ahead and enter your Username [1] and Password [2]. Both Username and Password are case-sensitive so it's important to make sure they match the details given by the school administrator. 

Once confirmed go ahead and select Logon [3] to bring you into the main Cypad application.

From time-to-time the Cypad app will automatically update - when this happens answer Yes and select Install to any prompts.



If you forget your Username or Password contact your first-line support

Your Apps

Upon entering the correct Login credentials you will automatically be taken to the Activity app, Select the Back Button [4] located on the bottom right of your tablet to access the main page with all modules.



Some apps may not be available to you, if you have any issues accessing missing modules contact your Area Manager.

Brief summary of all Kitchen Manager modules available and their functionality: 


Tablet Sync

The Sync functionality is the most important process you must remember to perform as this feeds all the data from your tablet to the Admin office.

Below is a graph showcasing the process:



You MUST remember to sync your tablet every day so the data is up-to-date.

The Sync app will show you the Date, Time, and Length [1] of your last sync.

Select Sync [2] to start the syncing process.


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If the sync fails repeatedly, or if it often takes longer than 2 minutes, please contact Cypad support.