Orders - Desktop Grid Status

Upon submitting an order you can see the status of it using the Orders tab.

  This article will teach you...

How to identify an order status on the desktop.

Accessing Desktop Grid

The desktop grid refers to the screen where you can view the status of a submitted order.

Select Orders [1] and use the Status Cells [2] to identify the status of an order.


Order status on the desktop grid

There are multiple Order Status that can be assigned to an order:


Created but not submitted, please note this will show as 'In Progress' on the tablet.

Order has been submitted (this will be displayed if there is no integration in place)
Sending to Supplier
Order is on the way to the supplier (displayed briefly if there is an integration)
Order Sent

'Not Delivered' refers to when an order has been actioned by the supplier and is now out for delivery.

Pending Approval
Order has been sent (displayed when there is an integration where confirmations are returned but the confirmation has not been returned yet)
Order Confirmed
Order has been confirmed by the supplier (displayed when there is an integration where confirmations are returned)
Delivery Note Recieved 

Supplier has returned details of what they will be delivering (only available with certain levels of integration)

Delivery in progress
Tablet user has started entering delivery information.
Order has been marked as delivered

Order has been closed via the Manager App

Order was rejected by the Supplier
GRN Sent
Goods Received Note has been sent to the supplier via the integration (only available with certain levels of integration)
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