Messages App

New messages appear automatically on your tablet once published – they can be general, urgent, or promotional. 

  This article will teach you...

How to use the Messages application within Kitchen Manager.

Accessing Messages

Login to the tablet and select Messages [1].


Messages App

A list of published messages will be displayed on the screen. These messages have been published by either the school administrator or area manager for your contract.

If needed you can use the Search Bar [2] to locate a message. This will help if you have a long list of messages and need to filter them out.

To simply view a message you need to click on the Message Tab [3].

Any published messages which have been marked as 'High Priority' will appear on the message list with a Red Flag [4]. 

You can sort all messages by 'Date' or 'Alphabetical' order by using the 3 Dots [5].


Once you have located the relevant message and selected it, a new tab will display the contents of the message:


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