Documents App

In the Documents app you can find a useful range of information including kitchen manuals, Quick Ref guides, newsletters, menus and recipes.

  This article will teach you...

How to use the documents application.

Accessing Documents

Login to the tablet and select Documents [1].


Upon selecting Documents you will want to select the relevant Document Folder [2] to load up all available published files.



If no document folders have been created on the admin side you will not get the option to select a folder, all available documents will instead be displayed in a list.

Within this folder, you can view all available documents which have been published to the kitchen tablet. You can use the Search Bar [3] to search for a specific document or scroll for an available document from the document List [4].



All unread documents will appear in Bold text.

Once you have clicked on the document in question it will load up in a separate window, depending on the file type which has been chosen by the administrator.


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