Activity App

The Activity module allows you to identify which tasks need to be completed for the day.

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How to use the Activity app within Kitchen Manager. 

Accessing the activity app

Login to the tablet and select Activity [1]



Logging into the tablet will automatically open the activity module.

Task Categories 

When you log in for the first time each day check the Activity app to find out what tasks are on your agenda. The Activity app shows a summary of recent tasks and also prompts you if there are any tasks you still need to do.

Do Today

These are tasks that need to be completed on the day such as Forms, Stocktakes, Staff Hours, or Data Collection.


In Progress
Tasks that have been started but not yet completed.
Some tasks might have a deadline by which you will need to complete them. An example of this could be a stocktake due at the end of the month or a safeguarding form.OVerdue.png

For tasks that have been completed and signed off, it is important to sync the device so the data is transferred over to the Cypad admin system.


Activity Tasks

There is a multitude of different activity tasks that can appear in the Activity App:


These forms could include Weekly Tasks, Records or Staff Forms. For more information on how to complete Forms please see Forms.

Data Collection
Data Collection tasks could include entering meal numbers, UIFSM/FSM records, and meal pricing. For more information on how to fill out Data Collection cells please see Data Collection.
Staff Hours
Staff Hours include entering Staff Timesheet Details, Attendance, or Absences. For more information on how to action Staff Hours please see Staff.

Every week you will have to complete a Stocktake. The Activity app will prompt you that this is now due. For more information on how to action Stocktakes please see Stocktake.

Collapsable Menu

You can collapse all the task categories using the Down Arrow [1].


The tab in question will close and you can no longer see the Tasks [2], to reopen the tabs select the Up Arrow [3]


You can close all tabs at once by selecting the 3 Dots in the top right corner and selecting Collapse [4].


This will close all tabs at once:


To re-open the tabs click the 3 Dots again and select Expand [5].


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