Admin - Ordering API Stages 1 & 2

If a supplier is not available in the supplier drop-down list, administrators can request a new integrated supplier to be added using a button in the Kitchen Manager Supplier details window.

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How to configure supplier order API.

Accessing Supplier Details

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Admin.

Order API Stage 1

First stage of the API implementation only covers the following:

  • A table in a central database stores all the suppliers
  • Admin users can send a request to Cypad support add a supplier if the supplier is not in the list
  • When setting up a supplier (go to Kitchen Manager Admin Suppliers) a new drop-down list labelled 'Integrated supplier' retrieved from above API call
  • API provides a method to retrieve suppliers' names and IDs, another method is used to retrieve the access key and a secret password
  • Access Key and Secret password
    • Only SU’s can access this drop-down list, once a value is selected and saved, a button will be displayed to retrieve the Key and Secret password
    • This function only displays the Secret password once
    • A separate button will be available to reset the Secret password.

Request New Supplier

Select Suppliers [1] from the navigation tree and click the Add Button [2].


Open the API Tab [3] and select the Relevant Supplier [4] from the drop-down menu.

If the requested Supplier does not appear in the list then you can use the Request Supplier Button [5].


Selecting Request Supplier will bring up a new window. Using the Text Field [6], enter the required Supplier name and click E-Mail [7].



When this request is processed you will receive a confirmation email when the supplier is added to the Supplier drop-down list.

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