Version 33 Overview

Key Changes

Desktop - Record the correct overtime hours with correct overtime reason

Previous versions of the Desktop system records overtime hours with a default absence reason which could be left blank. This has been changed so the Overtime reason field is now a mandatory field.


Desktop - Automated Archiving of meal booking session records

Old booking records will be automatically processed every week at 10:00 on Sundays and will be archived every 35 days.


SIMS – New codes added into SIMS Attendance module

SIMS and the Government have released new guidelines on how to use SIMS during COVID-19 period. These new codes have been added to the SIMS register.QWQ

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Kitchen Manager - Default answer column added to Data Collection question design

Admin users can define the default values for data collection questions so if the question is not answered on the tablet or desktop the set default value will be applied.

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