Staff gender pay recording and reporting

A new Gender drop-down menu with mandatory options (‘Male’ and ‘Female’) has been added to the Staff - Edit Staff window. This is to assist with legal requirements for employers to provide Gender pay gap reporting (mean and median averages). 

  This article will teach you...

How to view Staff gender pay reports.


Navigate to Staff > Analysis.

Set Type [1] to Staff cost by Gender [2] > set a Date Period [3] > click Go [4].


Adding Different Gender options

In the event you wish to add additional Gender types to the Gender drop-down menu, there is a feature available to do this.

Navigate to Staff > Admin.

Select Staff gender options [1] from the Navigation Tree and click Add [2]. 

Enter a Staff gender [3] and select Save [4].



All new Staff Gender entries must be alphanumeric (max 25 characters).

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