Version 26 Overview

Key Changes

Kitchen Manager - Add comments to data collection questions 

Admin users can add comments (Admin Note) to Data Collection questions to record additional information and answers to questions (e.g. what month a meal credit refers to).

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Stock App - Stock Transfer incorrect Site ID push message

If an incorrect Site ID is entered as part of a stock transfer, after the initial sync, the system will reject the transfer and the tablet user will notify the user of the error.

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Meal Register App - Duty Meal option when in 'Compact' views 

When a Tablet user views a pre-order in Meal Register in 'Compact' or 'Compact with photo' view the user can mark the order as 'Duty Meal' for members of staff.

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Other Changes


Meal Register App - 'Meal selection by class (details)' report order classes by Year

When a Tablet user views the ‘Meal selection by class (Details)’ report the classes are ordered correctly by their Year index values.

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Kitchen Manager App - Orders & Deliveries Notes

Cooks can view supplier’s Notes on the Order confirmation details screen which will help make them aware of any order delivery adjustments that have been made.

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Staff App - Personal details GDPR Update

The following personal data has been removed from the Staff App:

  • Address
  • City
  • Postcode
  • Phone
  • Mobile

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