Version 23 Overview

Key Changes

Meal Manager & Selection - Special menus have priority over theme days

Special Menus for students with Dietary requirements and Allergies now remain active when a Theme day menu is applied, making it possible for these students to keep their Special Menu.

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Meal Selection - Payments - Filter to display open and closed Students

The Payments Transactions status filter and Payments Students filter has been updated to display Historical data which includes data for ‘Closed’ students.

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Meal Register App - Grid view added to the meal selection screen

In the Meal register app a new view has been added which shows each menu option in a box, with the boxes displayed in a grid. This stops the user having to scroll through a long list of items.

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Meal Register App - Adjust text size

In the Meal Register app, users can change the font size to meet their needs.

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Other Changes


Meal Manager - More meal selection options available to the School Admin (Meal Manager Login app)

Additional config items have been added to the Meal Manager settings for the Whiteboard and Online meal pre-selection.

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Meal Selection – Config item 'Payments cannot be deleted' renamed

The config item has been renamed to 'Transactions cannot be voided'.

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Reporting KPI’s - Include dining center meals for production site other income KPI

Site KPIs to include the meal numbers from linked dining centers so that the cost/meal values are correct.

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Kitchen Manager - Overtime type and Absence type default values now set to blank

Both the Kitchen Manager Staff App and Desktop Timesheets have been updated so the reason for absence drop-down menu defaults to blank to make sure staff enter a reason for their absence.

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Kitchen Manager - Weekly cut-off times for parent pre-ordering

Admin users can enable a function in Kitchen Manager to set a cut-off time for an entire week of parent pre-selection bookings.

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Kitchen Manager - Notes column added to Staff hours (Grouped) Report

Notes column has been added to the Staff hours (Grouped) Report making it possible for Admin users to see the details/reason behind overtime or absences recorded on the tablet Staff App.