Version 18 Overview

Key Changes

Desktop - Add recurring line item templates into site invoices

Invoices which include recurring charges (e.g. Management Fees, spillages and breakages) can now have a global default template for reoccurring items and the fees as required. These can be changed at Site level.

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Desktop - Create one-off invoices outside of the monthly schedule

Administrators can create one-off invoices for items without including any information regarding monthly meal numbers.

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Desktop - Menu Item limit Increased

Administrators can now add up to 20 Items to a Main Menu and up to 8 Menu items to a Dessert Menu, Vegetable Menu, Drinks Menu and Other Menu. The Whiteboard UI has been updated to make this larger selection visible by using left and right screen scrolling.

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Other Changes


Data Collection App - Account for holiday weeks when showing previous weeks

The data collection app has been updated to sync with the holiday dates recorded on the Desktop System Admin Calendar. This means Cooks and Kitchen Managers can look at the calendar on the tablet and it will show what happened in the last working week rather than what happened last week while the was a school holiday.

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Temperature App - Max/Min limits visible

The upper and lower limits for the temperature probe template are now displayed on the tablet so when the cook is measuring the temperature of an item they can see if it is within the max/min temperature range.

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Ordering App - Direct ordering process for non-integrated suppliers

Tablet users can now see which orders will go through to the supplier via Cypad and which orders need to be submitted to the supplier via another means.

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Ordering App - Order status for non-integrated supplier orders that have been logged

Orders that have been submitted but not sent to a supplier because there is no integration in place are highlighted in green and marked as 'Order logged'.

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Ordering App  - Order rejection notes

Tablet users can now see the attached notes on rejected orders, this is made accessible as a comments box at the end of each order item.

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Meal Register App - Pre-ordered meal colour change

The Meal Register app has been modified so that Pre-selected meals have a turquoise background colour.

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Kitchen Manager - Multiple Transactions tab update

In Kitchen Manager Sites, the Multiple Transactions tab in the Edit Site window has been change to read ‘Multiple Meals’.

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Kitchen Manager - Stocktake by Supplier report

The Stocktake by Supplier report in Kitchen Manager Analysis has been updated so that administrators can see the most recent stocktake results prior to the selected date in the event a stocktake was not done on the date selected. A new column has been added to the report table which contains the Stocktake Date.

Menus - Break and Breakfast menu item limit increased

Administrators can now assign up to 8 Drink and Other Menu Items to the Breakfast menu and the Break Menu.

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Menus - Include veggie meal options in Halal diet

Menu Items with the diet type set to 'vegetarian' are available for selection for students with a Halal dietary requirement.

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