Version 15 Overview

An overview of changes made in Version 15.

Key Changes

Tablet - Store record of temperatures

To remain compliant with FSA rules cooks and caterers can access up to one month’s historical records of temperatures taken using the Temperature Check app. The historical records can be filtered by day and are accessible without an internet connection.

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Desktop/Tablet - Confidential Forms

Administrators can make Forms accessible and editable on the tablet for Kitchen Staff to fill in (e.g. illness, return to work, bereavement, etc.). Once a user has completed and signed off a confidential form it is no longer visible to any user on the tablet.

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Desktop - Temperature Reporting feature

Administrators can use Kitchen Manager Analysis to analyse the temperature readings that have been taken at each site to help identify any patterns and exceptions for the Fail/Pass temperature readings being recorded by the caterers. The following three columns have been added to the Temperature Reading table:

  • Pass/Fail
  • Lower limit
  • Upper limit

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Other Changes

Tablet/Mobile device

Health check app update

A view mode titled ‘Exceptions by site’ has been added to the Health check app which brings up a list of all sites, visible to that user, to display an ‘Exceptions by site’ table that contains the following fields:

  • Last sync
  • Last stocktake
  • Timesheets last entered
  • No. staff with No. contracts hours
  • No. orders not signed off

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Class name text centre-aligned

The class names on the Whiteboard are now center-aligned horizontally on the class selection page.

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En-mass removal of pupil pre-selections

When a school trip for the whole day is planned, the teacher can now delete an entire class's meal pre-selections, all at the same time, to avoid the Kitchen/Caterers making meals for students who will not be in school for the day.

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Staff - recording staff members as long-term sick

In the event a member of staff is signed off as long-term sick, the Administrator can set up a time-sheet record for long-term absence to be automatically populated in time sheets on the Desktop and Tablet.

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Meal Register - Add Pre-Selections

The school administrator, on behalf of the student’s parents, can record the meal pre-selection for the student on the Meal Register Desktop. This can be for the day or in the future (this is limited to the menu templates saved on the system).

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Ordering API - Stage 2

If a new supplier is not available in the supplier drop-down list the school administrators can request a new integrated supplier to be added to the supplier drop-down list using a button in the KM Supplier details window.

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Images can be used as answers in KM forms

School administrators can create Forms that can be answered with a photo when using the tablet. On the tablet, the Forms UI is set up so that when the user clicks on an Image type question the tablet automatically opens the camera.

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Supplier order limit error message

When the administrator inputs a Max Order Limit or Max Item Limit value that is higher than what is set at a global level, a popup alerts the user to the global level limit and the value is automatically changed to the global limit.

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Staff Contract Terms field in Edit Staff dialog

The Contract terms a member of staff agrees to can be recorded on the Staff Admin page. This can be selected and recorded against the member of staff in the Contract tab on the Edit Staff window.

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Payments - Limit the size of uploaded student photos

When creating or editing a student’s details in Payments, there is a 300Kb size limit for uploading a student’s photo to the database.

Kitchen Manager Forms - Assigned Date column added

The column header 'Assigned Date' has been added to the right of the 'Status' column to identify the date each form is assigned.

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Hide the Help button for an entire session

Desktop users can now hide the Help button and it will stay closed for the session. The Help button will only be visible after the user has logged out and logged back in.

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Write menu import to the event log

A record of menu import activity is now recorded in the event log to track of when allergy data is updated.

Kitchen Manager Forms - Missing manager emails

When sending out a Form, school administrators will now receive an email advising which site cannot be emailed due to missing manager email addresses.

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Non-allergy students' special menu assignment

School administrators can now assign a special menu to any pupil, not just those with allergies. Special menus will make it possible to meet students’ dietary or lifestyle requirements (e.g. Vegan).

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Import support for .xlsx files to import templates

Desktop users can now import data from both .csv and .xlsx files.

Kitchen Manager - Notifications for Activities

When a Kitchen Manager's Order status changes to one of the following:

  • Confirmation received
  • Delivery note received
  • Order Approved
  • Order Rejected

The Unit Manager will receive a notification alerting them to a change in order status.

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Forgotten Password reset option

The Desktop login screen now has an option to reset the password.

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Added functionality for automated menu item import

Menu items can now be created in an excel template and imported into the Menus Desktop.