Version 13 Overview

Top Changes

Desktop - Search filter added to the menu tree

A search bar has been added to the Meal Manager and Meal Selection Menus tree so administrators can search through the menus that have been created. This makes it possible to easily manage the different menus for each school/term/week.

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Tablet - one menu option collection

Schools’ using the tablet Meal Register to record when a student has collected or not collected a school meal can now be done in a Single press. This feature is only available when there is one menu option available.

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Desktop - MAT shared menus

Managers and School Admin can use the Menus module to create new menus that they can share (link) between schools in an area (MAT). The Menus module will need to be enabled for Managers. Also, Managers need to create new menu items, menus and templates as existing items cannot be linked.

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Other Changes


Only show 1 first name per child

Student’s first and last names displayed on the whiteboard have been adjusted so any middle/second/double-barrelled names have been hidden to reduce instances of first name’s wrapping on to the second line of the name box.
Please note: Hyphenated names (e.g. Tony-Lee) are not affected by this change.

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Contract filter across all modules

Desktop users can now use a contracts filter on the menu tree, on the left side of the screen, to separate the data based on the contract the site belongs to.

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ParentPay and SchoolComms integration

When a parent logs into the meal selection portal from the ParentPay website, they are redirected to the ParentPay meal selection portal. When a parent logs into the meal selection portal from the SchoolComms website, they are re-directed to the SchoolComms meal selection portal.

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Invoice generation request update

The invoice data in Kitchen Manager is automatically refreshed after a new invoice generation request is made. This refresh makes it possible for the user to see that the invoices being generated have successfully been requested and are in progress.

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New Privacy Policy

The Cypad Privacy Policy has been updated. After upgrading to Version 14, when you log in to the Desktop App the new Privacy Policy will be displayed. Please read this in full and click the ‘I Agree’ button to finish logging into the Desktop App.

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