Version 5.1 Overview

Key Changes

Desktop - System District and Regions filters added to Configure

In Reporting new hierarchy levels have been added to generate a report using the District and Region hierarchy levels.

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Desktop - Parent meal selection SSO (Stage 1)

The SchoolComms gateway is now setup to work with the Cypad Meal selection and payment services. Go to and sign in if you are an existing user or register as a new user.

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Other Changes

Tablet/Mobile device

Meal Register - Duty Meals tick box

For members of staff who are eligible for FSM the Duty Meals checkbox has been moved in the Meal Register App.

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Bulk publish Function - select all feature

When you use the option to do a Bulk publish there is now a Select All (Unchecked/Checked) column available. This feature is available in Kitchen Manager, Data Collection, Menus, Monitor, Payments and Assets.

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Staff - Courses process flow

Navigation of the Staff training courses site have been improved for your convenience.

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Staff - New Staff analysis type

A new staff analysis type ‘Overtime breakdown by staff (Grouped)’ has been added to the Staff Analysis options.

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Kitchen Manager - Hiding student names on whiteboard

Hiding students on the whiteboard when they go into debt is a database level configuration setting that has been moved to the Sites menu.

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Payments - Pupil Premium by Year Group change

The ‘Premium Breakdown by year group' Type has been changed to ‘Pupil Premium Meals by Year Group’. This which generate a report similar to 'Meal numbers by year group' or 'UIFSM by year group'

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