Version 4.5 Overview

Key Changes

Whiteboard - SIMS Attendance with Meal Selection

The Whiteboard can now double up as an attendance register in the morning. After the morning register and meal selections have been completed the data is automatically sent to SIMS.

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Whiteboard - Special Diet students (Lunch ONLY)

When a Special Diet student (with no menu assigned) presses their name on the whiteboard or tablet for their lunch, two options are now available.
Option 1: Meal Not Required
Option 2: Meal Required

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Whiteboard - Upgrades (Stage 3)

The Whiteboard has been upgraded with the following changes:

  • Scrolling
  • Student Names
  • Nutritional Information
  • Meal selection confirmation

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Desktop/Tablet - Adding photos to asset items

New and existing asset items can now have a photograph stored with the asset details. The photograph can be added from the Desktop or with a photograph taken on the tablet.

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Desktop/Tablet - Prevent old forms being synced to tablet

In Kitchen Manager you can now archive forms to prevent old forms being synced to the tablet.

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Tablet/Mobile deices - Health Check Dashboard

Admin users can login and view data status updates of their relevant/assigned database(s).

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Tablet - Confirm before copying Old to New Stock

When you click Copy Old to New stock a confirmation pop-up will open to confirm if you would like to perform the action. Click Yes to confirm the Copy request, or No to cancel the copy request.

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Tablet - Meal Register view options

There are two new view options (Compact and Compact with photo) for the student’s meal selection screen to provide the cook with more detail without going into the student’s details.

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Tablet - Forced reset due to inactivity

If the tablet has not been turned on for 2 months, it will force a reset and perform an initial sync after you sign into the Cypad App.

IMPORTANT: The reset and sync will delete any un-synced data stored on the tablet.


Tablet - Dual Tablet Bluetooth re-connection

If the Bluetooth connection is lost between paired devices (e.g. the Student tablet (Slave device) is moved out of range from the Cook’s tablet (Master device)). The Slave device will automatically try to reconnect to the Master device, it will continue to do this until it re-connects. The Master device will do the same if it is out of range from the Slave device.

Please note: Only the Master device can cancel the reconnect. Do the following to cancel the re-connection

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Other Changes

ParentPay Meal bookings - Pre-order packed lunch/Free School Meals

If a parent is in debt (even by 1p) on the system they have not been able to select a meal, even if the menu item is free of charge. This has been changed so free menu items can now be selected, regardless of the debt to make sure the student has a meal.

Please note: This is only for the non-ParentPay booking integration sites.


ParentPay Meal bookings - API protection for Payments

The Payments App page for reviewing your purchases and the secure checkout page have changed.

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ParentPay Meal bookings - Highlight unpaid meal bookings

When making meal selections on the ParentPay meal selection and booking system you must pay within 2 hours after making your selections. If this is not done the page will automatically refresh and your selection will be removed. When making your meal selection any unpaid meals will be highlighted in Orange for your attention.

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Health Check - Updates

Cypad has made improvements to the Health Check dashboard and functionality.

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Lock Screen - Upgrade

The tablet lock screen now provides users with details they will need when calling Cypad Support. How you unlock the device has also changed.

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Data Collection - Column totals

A total row for each column has been added to the bottom of the data tables.

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Kitchen Manager - Ordered/Delivered Items show pack size

In the Kitchen Manager Analysis report a column for the pack size has been added for items that have been ordered and delivered.

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Monitor - ‘Http://’ no longer needed when publishing a URL

You no longer need to include ‘http://’ when creating and publishing a new URL.

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Payments - Staff duty meal

In version 4.4.3 you can select meals for staff and mark them as Duty Meal on the tablet, refer to Staff Duty meals. In 4.5 the same functionality now exits in the Desktop.

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Break pre-selection

When a site has a break/breakfast option, students will be given with the option to pre-select their break/breakfast on the whiteboard.

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