Version 4.3 Overview

Key Changes

Desktop - GDPR update

As part of mandatory GDPR requirements, parents who register for the first time must accept the Cypad privacy policy before using the website and applications. This is a 'one-time one-click' requirement.

Desktop - Parent Pay Meal Booking - Nutritional, allergy and dietary information shown with the image

In Parent Selection, the select menu item image shows nutritional, allergy and dietary information underneath the image. 

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Desktop - Parent Pay Meal Booking - Opt out of mid-morning break

In Parent Selection, the parent or school admin can opt their child out having the morning break-time snack.

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Whiteboard/Desktop/Tablet - Parent meal selection

The Parent meal selection can be overridden on the whiteboard, tablet or desktop.

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Tablet - Prevent orders for out of stock items

When an order is submitted on the tablet that includes an out-of-stock item a message notifies the cook that the item cannot be ordered.

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Tablet - Compulsory items for sign off

When the user signs off a form they receive a message showing which form items must be completed.

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Tablet - Hide pack lunch (home)

Meal Register module has a Packed Lunch (Home) option that can be hidden or shown as necessary.

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Tablet - Meal Register Legend

Meal Register includes a legend explaining the meal symbols used on the tablet, there is also an icon to show a pre-selected Packed Lunch (from Home).

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Tablet - Productive/Non-Productive Hours

Cooks can distinguish between productive and ‘non-productive’ hours worked.

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Other Changes


Meal Register - View balance 

In Meal Register > Student mode, students can view the display for their balance only.

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Data Collection - Drop-down filter

A Drop-down filter is available when comments are shown from the Desktop and Reporting module.


Staff - Cost Center ID column 

In Staff > Analysis we have added a new Cost Centre ID column. Reports are exported for payroll and staff costs need to be allocated to cost centers.

Payments - Skip dessert and only choose main meal 

On the whiteboard, staff already have the option to skip dessert and only select a main meal. They can now also do this in meal pre-selection on the Payments site. Admin can enable/disable this option from the Desktop.

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Payments - Pre-selection reports

A pre-selection report is accessible from within the Mobile view as well as on the Desktop.


Meal Selection - Nutritional, allergy and dietary information available 

The menu item image now provides nutritional, allergy and dietary information.

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