Version 4 Overview for Admin




Version 4 Overview for Admin

Kitchen Manager 


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Version 4 Overview for Admin

With Cypad version 4 we have introduced cleaner, simpler formatting and a new System module for improved admin efficiency. The revised calendar function will drive many activities and processes, including stock and ordering, staffing arrangements, meal selection, publishing, and data collection and reporting. Overall, the application is more robust and also benefits from improved system speed and security.  

If you have any questions regarding these changes please contact Cypad Support on 0117 942 9833 or email Your Cypad Project Manager will be in touch to take you through the new features.

User Interface

Version 4 includes a new desktop module System, a revised calendar function, faster processing for reports, and a simpler design for the user interface. 

  • New Desktop module

The System module brings together admin functions common to all modules, simplifying navigation and making admin tasks more efficient. You can also sort site types and groups, set up and close calendar time periods, and use the calendar to drive more kitchen management tasks.


To access module-specific admin functions select the module from the drop-down menu then click the Admin tab.

Module list:

    • Kitchen Manager
    • Data Collection (Data Collection module replaces Uptake module)
    • Staff
    • Menus
    • Payments
    • Reporting
    • Monitor
    • Assets
    • System


System Speed and Security

  • Faster calculation of Reporting data

The improved application infrastructure means faster calculation speeds for reporting data and large files.

  • Stronger password settings

The password settings let you choose an eight-character password. To create a strong password make sure that it: 

    • Is at least seven characters long (eight for Cypad Ltd)
    • Does NOT contain your user name, real name, or company name
    • Does NOT contain database or school name
    • Does NOT contain a complete dictionary word
    • Includes a number, preferably in the middle
    • Is significantly different from previous passwords. Passwords that increment (Password1, Password2, Password3 ...) are not strong
    • Contains characters from the following:
      • mixture of upper case letters
      • mixture of lower case letters
      • numerals
      • keyboard symbols 


  • Enable tablet to use Chrome

There is more efficient and secure data management between the Desktop and mobile devices. You can configure the system to use the Chrome web browser on the tablet, enabling it to use pop-up windows normally blocked by the inbuilt browser.


  • Calendar Improvements

We are developing the calendar function to give you more flexibility and control over your kitchen management admin tasks. 

  1. Go to System
  2. Click Admin
  3. In the Explorer pane expand the Calendar option and select Templates or Periods
    • Templates: colour-coded selection options for holidays, inset days and trading days, with weekends marked automatically
    • Periods: Start month included on calendar period page 




  • Show school calendar on tablet

You can view data for the school calendar for each site on the tablet, so you have a clear picture of holidays, inset days and trading days. In Kitchen Manager tap the General app then select Calendar.   


Kitchen Manager

Ongoing development with Kitchen Manager module includes improvements to stock and ordering, forms, documents and messages. You can import supplier account data, display orders on tablets until they are closed, simplify stock item management by filtering stock numbers or separating food and non-food items, and record telephone orders for reporting. With forms and documents you can publish to site types, create sub-folders and delivery discrepancy reports.

Stock and Ordering

  • Separate food and non-food items

We have added a drop-down menu in Stock for All, Food and Non-food items:


  • Import full account data for a chosen food supplier

You can import a CSV file for a chosen supplier with comprehensive account details including account code and supplier name and location, for every day, for every site.


  • Display orders on tablet until they are closed

The tablet previously showed orders for a limited period only. You can now view orders until you close them on the tablet or Desktop.

  • Hide stock items and categories in single sites

To simplify working with large numbers of stock items on a single site you can hide them or make them visible by using the Manage Stock Items button.

Forms, Documents and Messages

  • Publish documents/messages to site types, not just areas

You can publish documents or messages to site types, not just sites within areas.



  • Enable document folder to have sub-folders

This is set up on the Desktop and enables documents to be organised into sub-folders on the tablet.

  • Create a delivery discrepancy report

You can create a report detailing any delivery discrepancies with a description of the original item ordered, quantity and supplier name. Go to Kitchen Manager > Analysis > from drop-down menu select Delivery Discrepancies. 


We have built on the Staff module functionality by adding improvements to staff hours formatting and absence reporting.

Staff Hours and Absence

  • Hours format

When staff hours are entered on the tablet or desktop they are shown as hours and minutes. However, in staff analysis/reporting you can configure the system to see the time entered in either hours and minutes or in a decimal format.

  • Absence report

We have improved absence reporting options by adding overtime. You can create an absence report for staff which gives a brief summary of the hours worked and the absence reason. 

  1. Go to Staff
  2. Click Analysis
  3. Select site
  4. From the Type drop-down menu choose Absence breakdown by staff
  5. Select date range
  6. Click Go 

Data Collection

Data accuracy and security is improved with detailed sync reports for the tablet letting you view data from different sites. We have also simplified the emailing process for sending meal number reports and other data to specific addresses.

Tablet Sync, Email and Site Display

  • Detailed sync report for tablet

You can export a detailed sync report for the tablet which includes time and date of sync, duration, status, previous/current usage and map location.



  • Email meal numbers

The Email Meal Numbers check box lets you set the email address for sending meal numbers to schools. 

  1. Go to Cypad Monitor
  2. Click Sites
  3. In the Explorer pane or main grid select site
  4. In the Edit Site window select Contact tab
  5. Select Email Meal Numbers check box 



  • Show closed sites button

The default setting shows open sites only. When selected, the Show Closed Sites button shows closed sites and open sites.

  • Display Data Collection Questions for Admin Users

View Data Collection Questions: Questions, Site Type Question Groups and Site Type Questions. To amend any questions please contact Cypad Support.

  • Adult roll numbers removed

We have removed the adult roll numbers/questions. For adult meal data collection questions on the tablet there the number limit is 50.


In the Reporting module we have added an extensive range of KPIs for data collected in Kitchen Manager, Meal Selection, Meal Register and Payments, and from any integrated external systems. New KPIs include targets, variances and meal averages. You can create reports for single KPI or multiple KPI items and extract weekly or cumulative trading summaries. 

  • To see the current list of KPIs contact Cypad Support and ask for a copy of our KPI Guide.

Meals taken, Exception Reporting, and New Categories

  • Create report to see all meals taken between two dates for a student type

Create a report to show all meals taken between two dates for any given type of student. If you select a long date range you will receive an email report rather one on the Desktop. 

  1. Go to Payments
  2. Click Custom
  3. Select Meals Taken Details 

  • Separate staff light lunches from main meals in ‘meal numbers by day’ report

The Only Light lunches check box lets you create a report for light lunches only (usually taken by staff). 

  1. Go to Payments
  2. Click Analysis
  3. Select site and enter details from drop-down menus
  4. Select the Only Light Lunches check box

  • More exception reporting and improved Data Collection Status Report

More exception reporting lets you identify where, for example, staff need to reach weekly targets, sign off forms, enter meal data and staff hours. You can also email a daily report to a chosen Area Manager. We have revised the Data Collection Status Report to show additional information including data collected from multiple sources.

  • New 'Nursery' and 'Secondary' categories

We have expanded the child meal categories and roll numbers and introduced Nursery and Secondary alongside the existing Primary. The new roll numbers can be entered in Kitchen Manager > Sites > [choose site] > Kitchen tab. In Data Collection questions can be allocated to the three categories and in Payments meals taken are allocated based on the school year and Key Stage. There are also new KPIs that report the meal numbers and income for these three categories.

  • Record food waste in a separate category as numbers

We have created a new category Miscellaneous where you can add a record for items such as food waste with an associated cost and apply a new KPI.

  • Tablet reporting differs by site type

Cumulative trading reports built in the Reporting module are visible on the tablet. You can restrict these reports to different users (such as primary school cooks and secondary school catering managers) based on site type. 

  1. On the Desktop go to Reporting
  2. In the Explorer pane click Settings
  3. Click Report Builder
  4. Select a Cumulative Trading Summary report 


  1. On the tablet go to Reports
  2. Tap Options
  3. Select Trading Summary



  • Exported files from Reporting properly formatted

When you export files from the Reporting module you will see clearly formatted output with whole numbers, currency to two decimal places, and totaled figures where appropriate.


We are continually improving the Monitor module to deliver a more consistent and reliable auditing function. The latest improvements include the option to add site photos, create sub-folders, and more informative site mapping.

Site Photo, Sub-folders, and Mapping

  • Add a Site Photo to the Monitor report

Add a photo of the site to the report. When you create the report the site type logo is replaced by the site image.

  • Sub-folders for standard and archive packages

You can now create sub-folders for archived packages, enabling you to more efficiently organise packages into specific areas or types. 


  • Mapping capability updated

We have replaced the single site view with a multiple site view.


We continue to develop the Assets module to ensure admin can manage the asset admin, repairs, and analysis functions more accurately and efficiently.


  • Repairs Report for schools

You can run an asset repair report for specific schools – not just for areas - which includes the school name, address and contact details.


Parent Meal Selection

We continue to build on the look and functionality of the parent meal selection and payments website and the Desktop.

Meal Selection Website

  • Improved parent meal selection

We have improved the user interface and included photographs of dishes. 



  • Highlight info changed in red

When parents amend their child’s details the changes are highlighted in red.


Transaction data on the Desktop is made more secure – no old records can be deleted, alerts are issued before any unnecessary payments are issued, and debt letters are only issued above a set minimum level.

Payments and Transaction History

  • Streamlined payment steps

The web payments website is designed to be simple to use whatever platform you are on (tablet, phone, or PC) and benefits from simplified payment steps.


  • Transaction history cannot be deleted

To ensure historical transaction records are not lost they are marked as void and highlighted in grey.

  • Remove student’s name suggested by parent

In Parent Registration the student’s name suggested by the parent can be removed if there are no matching records for that name.

  • Alert issued when payment is added to a UIFSM or free meal account

When you want to add a payment to a customer’s account that is UIFSM or free you will receive an alert message asking if you are sure you want to proceed.

  • Filter ensures debt letters are only generated above a fixed level

A debt letter filter ensures that letters are only generated above a fixed minimum level.

  • Personalised meal number emails

Meal number emails are now addressed to the contact name rather than the school name.

Whiteboard Meal Selection

We have made whiteboard meal selection more fun for classes with themed screens. We have also made it more secure by introducing protected menu choices – once chosen the menu cannot be deleted. Admin can also personalise Meal Register on the tablet by allowing student photos to be added.


  • Classes can select their own whiteboard theme

Classes can choose from a selection of seasonal and themed whiteboard screens including Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Christmas, Countryside, Jungle, Roman, and Wimbledon. More themes will be added in the future.


  • Pre-selected meals cannot be deleted from whiteboard

A pre-selected menu cannot be deleted from the whiteboard after the user has confirmed it on the tablet.

Meals Selection

  • Show student photos in Meal Selection

You can enable photos to be shown in Meal Register on the tablet.

  1. Go to Sites and select site
  2. In the Edit Site window click the Meals tab
  3. Select the Use Menus check box
  4. Select the Enable Student Pre-selection check box
  5. Select the Show Student Photo check box
  6. Click Save 


Cypad has integrated with the following food suppliers: