Recipes App

  Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Allergen and Nutritional Information


NOTE Recipes must be enabled via Desktop Menus Admin > Configure

Tablet users can use the Recipes App [1] to view Meal Item Recipes, even if not using Meal Registration, that have been created in Menus Recipes page.


Select a Recipe [2] from the list and when in the Recipes page you will be able to view the Ingredient details [3] and cooking Method [4].

You can edit the Portion number by pressing the Portions [5] indicator in the top right of the screen. Press Clr [6] and enter a new portion number using the on screen Key pad [7] then press OK [8].


Changing the portion count will update the Quantities [9] in the Ingredients list.

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Allergen and Nutritional Information

After selecting a Recipe [1] users can view the Allergen information [2] and Nutritional values [3] for each Menu Item by scrolling down the page of the selected menu.


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