Menus - Items Custom Labels (New UI ONLY)

  Table of Contents
  1. Creating/Editing/Deleting Menu Item Labels
  2. Assigning Menu Item Labels
  3. Menus Label filter
  4. Parent Selection – Displaying custom labels

Meal Manager Admin users can create Menu Category labels to create customised labels that can be grouped by Menu selections by the Menu Category labels.

Creating/Editing/Deleting Menu Item Labels

Go to Menus > Admin > Menu Item Labels [1]


You can see how many existing Menu Item Labels [2] have already been created.

To Add a new Menu Item Label, click the Add button [3] to open the Add Menu Item Label window.


In the Add Menu Item Label window enter a description in the Description field [4] and click Save [5].

To edit or delete an existing Menu Item label click it in the Description table [6] to open the Edit Menu Item Label window.


Edit the text in the Description field [6] and click Save [7] or click Delete [8] to delete the Menu Item Label from the list.

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Assigning Menu Item Labels

Go to Menus > Items > select a Menu Item [1]


In the Menu Items Details [2] scroll down to the Menu Label [3] drop down to assign a Menu Label to the Menu Item then scroll back to the top and click Save.


The assigned Menu Label will be visible in the Menu Items table in the Labels column [4].


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Menus Label filter

The Menu Items search filter can be used to only show Menu Items that have been assigned to a specific Label e.g. Menu Label #2.

Go to Menus > Menus > select a Menu [1] > Menu Filter [2]


In the Select Label window click the Label drop-down [3], select the desired Label (e.g. New Label #2) and click Apply [4].


After setting a Filter you will only see Menu Items that have the New Menu #2 Label [5] applied to them. To see the complete list of Menu Items again return to the Menu Filter and click the Clear Filters button [6].


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Parent Selection – Displaying custom labels

Admin users can configure Menu Category labels so that meals in the Parent Selection applications are grouped by Menu Category labels.

When Menu Item Labels are configured, menu categories are displayed based on the Menu Item Label e.g. Salad Bar (Main). If a menu item does not have a Label, the menu type will be displayed as a category (e.g. Main).

Menu Type categories should be displayed in the following order:

  • Main: Custom Categories of Main Menu Type in alphabetical order ascending
  • Vegetables: Custom Categories of Vegetables Menu Type in alphabetical order ascending
  • Dessert: Custom Categories of Dessert Menu Type in alphabetical order ascending

NOTE: Drink and Other Menu Types are not displayed on the parent portal

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