Centralised Menu Management: How to Guide for School Admin Users

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  1. Menus Page

Menus Page

Menu awaiting submission

Once a Master Menu on a Master Template is assigned to a Site/Student it will appear on the Menus page for a School Admin user.

The Status Indicator [1] is red to indicate the Menu is yet to be submitted for approval.


The Min and Max values cannot be edited by the School Admin. For example, when the Min [2] counter is set to 2 and the Max [3] counter is set to 3, the School Admin can select up to 3 items in the list but no less than 2 items.

The Automatic summation date [4] is set and cannot be changed.

Clicking Save [5] will save any changes without submitting the menu for approval.

Clicking Submit [6] will submit the Menu choices for approval.

Click Actions [7] to select the Reset to Default option that will reset the Menu choices to the default selections set by the Caterer.

After clicking Submit you will need to Confirm the Action by clicking Yes [8] in the Confirm Action window.


NOTE: The Menu can no longer be changed once submitted.

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Menu awaiting approval

Once submitted the Status Indicator [1] turns orange to confirm the Menu has been submitted for approval. The School Admin can view the Menu but not edit it.


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Menu approved

Once approved the Status Indicator [1] turns green to confirm the Menu has been created. 


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