Special Diet students (Lunch ONLY) - meal required/not required



When a Special Diet (SD) student (with no menu assigned) presses their name on the whiteboard for their lunch, two options are now available.

Option 1: Meal Not Required

Option 2: Meal Required

IMPORTANT  These options will not be available for Parent Pre-orders.

NOTE: This feature is not applicable to drinks and the Breakfast and Break selections.

SD's must have their allergies recorded in the Allergies and Diet notes, as follows:

Go to Meals > Students > select a Class [1] > select a Special Student [2] with the Type set to Special


If the SD student has an allergy or food restriction that is not available on the Allergies tab [1] list, click the Other Allergies [2] check box.


Go to the Diet notes [3] tab and detail what the student cannot have or is allergic to in the Text Box [4] and click Save [5].

On the Whiteboard the SD will have the following options:

On the Tablet (in All View) the cook and SD student will see the following: 


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