Introduction to Monitor

Cypad Monitor is a well-established and flexible system that enables you to determine the quality of the service you provide or have a requirement to audit. It improves the efficiency, reliability, and cost effectiveness of your inspection process.  It ensures managers can collect information easily and have ready access to inspection results; with the ability to both evaluate and analyse results instantly and provide professional-looking reports for internal and customer use. The Monitor facility is available on both Desktop and Tablet platforms making it the ideal tool for mobile workers and health and safety professionals.

  This article will teach you...

How Monitor works within Cypad and the benefits it can bring to your kitchen auditing process.

Ease of Adoption

Cypad Monitor is scalable, flexible in use and can be introduced in days.  The system uses smartphones, iPads or Tablets and is cloud-based.

Cypad Monitor is used by over 60 local authority and commercial organisations, from small to large and is used to audit over 10,000 sites in a variety of settings such as catering, cleaning, waste sites, health & safety and grounds maintenance.

Effective Mobile Working

In addition to collecting different types of data, tablets can be used to collect photos and signatures during the auditing process. The screen layouts are kept simple so you can enter data easily while carrying out an inspection. They can also be used as a phone and for email.  Results are sent wirelessly back to the database and are available for emailing or printing immediately. The communication with the tablet is two-way, so information can be both collected from it and sent out to it. This makes them the key element in a more general mobile working strategy helping ensure managers’ time is used efficiently.

Cloud storage and accessibility

You can rest assured that your data is secure and readily accessible. Cypad provides the same level of high-quality security as our Kitchen Manager and Meal Manager services to ensure that your data is as secure as possible while making it easily assessable for secure download for both Desktop and Tablet users.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are important in protecting your staff and are often a legal requirement. You can check the assessments that have taken place and know which ones are in need of review, a summary of these can be exported to Excel. Signatures can be collected as the review takes place. Risk assessments can occur independently of the inspection process but will always be associated with a site.  Each further action is designated a person to carry it out and a date by which it should be done.

A report of each risk assessment can be printed out in Word, along with any signatures and related photos.  This serves two purposes, to keep an auditable record and to hold it at the site, so staff are aware of the hazards and the control measures in place to deal with them.

For each assessment you can:

  • Identify the significant hazards, the level of risk they pose and who might be affected by them
  • Determine the control measures needed to reduce any risks to an acceptable level and record that they are in place
  • Decide on further actions that need to take place, by whom and when they will be taken

As with Cypad Monitoring, Risk Assessments are accessible both from the Desktop and Mobile devices with data easily synchronised between the two. As templates are available on the handheld you can make use of an existing risk assessment while out on site, without needing to come back to the office.

The Desktop

Inspections can be modified and printed from any web-connected PC or laptop. A variety of standard reports are available and can be exported to Excel for further analysis. The reports help evaluate and gain insight into the data collected, uncovering trends and issues that need attention. Comparisons can be made between areas and different types of sites. The inspection process is also managed from here; you can check that your inspection schedule is followed and add sites, contacts and users, or update question sets to meet new standards. Desktop users can see an outstanding action notifications counter against the Monitor Menu button, in superscript, so that they do not miss any outstanding actions. When users click on the Monitor desktop Notifications from each module are displayed against each Monitor item in the drop-down menu.

Manage Staff and Assets

Monitor works alongside our other Cypad modules for Building Cleaning covering staff and assets.  Use the Staff module to enable easy data recording of staff attendance, holidays, sickness, training records and periods of employment.  Proof of presence can also be provided to verify that staff have been at a particular place at a given time.  The Assets module can use your existing asset register to retain manufacturer asset codes and service history.

Record audit observations on site

Audit and inspection questionnaires can be designed around the parameters that are unique to your service. Audit questions can be given a weighted response according to their importance and, when completed, provide an overall service rating, and identify areas for improvement. Weighted parameters are used to provide users with a top-level analysis score to quickly identify the pass/fail rate of audits, this can be drilled down to highlight specific issues and flag any repeated score trends.

  • Determine the questions asked, based on the type of site, or set up individual routes for each building
  • Perform validation checks to ensure all areas on a site have been visited
  • Use photos to illustrate non-compliances
  • Capture corrective actions for named staff, by nominated dates
  • Collect signatures confirming when and who signed off the inspection

Report and analyse audit results at the office

Cypad's tablet-based solution simplifies the recording of audit data during on-site inspections. Auditors can record inspection data with supporting evidence (e.g. photos) and record corrective actions to help rectify uncovered areas for improvement and gain valuable insight. Users can also export audit data into easy-to-use Excel spreadsheets for distribution internally or externally via email.

  • Evaluate & modify data captured on site
  • Compare performance between locations, contractors, type of establishment etc.
  • Analyse trends over time and be proactively warned when any inspection result either fails a critical question or falls below a predetermined score
  • Summarise audit data by area, inspector, type of non-compliance etc.
  • Methodical tracking of problems and their resolution - ensure corrective actions are addressed efficiently and in a timely fashion
  • Print out clear professional reports to send to clients and partners

What are the Benefits?

  • No need to transcribe results saving time and causing fewer mistakes
  • Less time spent chasing up actions and information requests
  • Better, easier, faster, more reliable escalation of issues and effective resolution management. Eliminate forgotten actions
  • More readily record and resolve problems while on site
  • Provide documented evidence of service provision quality
  • Access records and communicate with your staff more effectively
  • Enable better management reporting and trends analyses
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