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  Table of Contents
  1. Items
  2. Menus
  3. Templates

  1. Creating Menu Items
  2. Allergens
  3. Diet type
  4. Item Usage log (Menu, Template and Site)
  5. Variable Meal Prices by Year

Creating Menu Items

In Cypad: 

Go to Menus > Items > select an Item Type [1] > click Add [2] > Add Menu Item window Details [3] tab


The Add Menu Item window lets you create a new Menu Item with nutritional, allergen and dietary information. 

Allergen requirements
Dietary requirements

When filling in the details for the new Menu Item make use of the Name field to include words like Gluten-free, Vegan, Dairy-free, etc. 

In the Details [3] tab you can record the following:

  • Menu Details [4] - Enter the key Menu information
    • Menu ID: This is a unique Alpha/Numeric ID that cannot be duplicated
    • Name (Cymraeg): This field is for the name of the Meal which can be entered in both English and Welsh (Cymraeg)
    • Description (Cymraeg): This field is for the Meal description (100 character limit) which can be entered in both English and Welsh (Cymraeg)NOTE Cymraeg or any other language boxes will only appear if a second language is enabled, refer to School Gateway Welsh language support (Desktop ONLY)
  • Type [5] - Assign the Item Types for the Meal Item
    • Menu Type: This can be set to Main, Vegetables, Dessert, Drink or Other
    • Sub Type: This option is only available when the Menu Type is set to Main and has the following options:
      • Packed lunch (home)
      • Packed lunch (school)
      • Default
      • Meat/Fish
      • Vegetarian
      • Vegan
  • Pricing [6] - All these prices are defined per Student Type e.g. Nursery, Student, etc. The price will automatically be set as £0.00 which will charge the default price you have set. If the item has a different price to the default set, you will need to edit this via the new UI - Enable the new user interface via the toggle in the top right-hand corner.
  • Photo [7] - Click on the Cypad logo to select a photo to upload, this will be displayed on the Desktop, Tablet and Whiteboard meal selection screens.

 When you have filled in the details click Save [8].


You cannot edit a Menu Item/description after the Menu Item has been applied.

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Item Allergens

The Allergens tab [1] contains a checklist of the 14 most common dietary allergens and an option for No Allergens [2] if a menu item does not have any known allergens. 


Use the Present column [3] check boxes to record the allergies then click Save [4].

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Diet Type

NOTE The Vegan and Pescatarian Diet Types are being rolled out in 2021.

NOTE The screenshot is from the new users interface, for more detail about this please refer to New User Interface - Meal Manager Menus Module.

To restrict users from being able to select Items with conflicting Diet Types the Diet Type tab [1] contains a check list of dietary restrictions for cultural or religious purposes e.g. Halal.


When a Diet Type (i.e. Halal [2]) is selected any conflicting Diet Types will be Un-selectable [3] (greyed out), this applied to the following:

  • If Suitable for Vegan is ticked Admin users can also select Suitable for Vegetarian, Suitable for Pescatarian and Suitable for Halal.
  • If Suitable for Vegetarian is ticked Admin users can also select Suitable for Halal, Suitable for Vegan, Suitable for Pescatarian.
  • If Suitable for Pescatarian is ticked Admin users can also select Suitable for Vegan, Suitable for Vegetarian and Suitable for Halal.
  • If Suitable for Halal is ticked Admin users can also select Suitable for Vegetarian, Suitable for Pescatarian, Suitable for Vegan and Contains Beef.
  • If Contains Beef is ticked Admin users can also select Contains Pork and Suitable for Halal.
  • If Contains Pork is ticked Admin users can also select Contains Beef.

Legacy Conflicting Diet Types

When an existing client is moved to the new Diet Type logic a script will be run to identify and edit any conflicting Diet Types. The script will be forced to remove the least impactful Diet Type i.e. if a Menu Item is set to Suitable for Halal and Contains Pork then Halal will be removed to minimise the risk of a Menu Item that contains Pork being made available to a Muslim student

Conflicting Legacy Diet Types:

  • Suitable for Halal + Contains Pork
  • Suitable for Vegetarian + Contains Pork and, or Contains Beef
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Item usage log (Menu, Template and Site)

When Admin users apply an Item to a Menu, Template or Site it is logged in the Usage tab. This data is not editable and will be automatically updated when the Item is removed form the Menu, Template or Site.
Go to Menus > Items > select an Item > Edit Menu window > Usage tab [2]


The Menu column [3] identifies which Menu the Item has been applied to.

The Template column [4] identifies which Template the Item has been applied to.

The Site column [5] identifies which Site the Item has been applied to.

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Variable Meal Pricing by Year

NOTE: Only Admin users can set and save variable meal prices.

Meal prices are currently defined in Menus Items and Payments Admin. All these prices are defined per Student Type e.g. Nursery, Student, etc. With the introduction of Meal prices by year group, prices will be defined at two more levels, the price priority is given in following hierarchy:

  1. Year pricing set against Menu Items
  2. Type pricing set against Menu Items
  3. Year pricing set against a Site
  4. Type pricing set against a Site

Go to Menus > Items > select an Item [1] > Prices by year tab [2]


Use the Meal price (£) column [3] to set the item price for each year. A Meal price by year set to £0.00 reverts to the Student Type prices on the Details tab [4] (Nursery Price, Child Price, & Special Price).

Click Save [5] when done.

NOTE If the Meal price is undefined (null) it is considered as £0.00.

For more information, refer to Sites - Desktop/Tablet: Multiple transactions of the same menu item.

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  2. Menus
  1. Menus Search Bar
  2. Creating menus
  3. Assigning Menu Items
  4. Archiving menus

Menus Search Bar

A search bar is at the top of the Menus tree so admin users can search through the menus that have been created. This makes it possible to easily manage the different menus for each term/week.

Desktop Menus > Menus > Search bar [1]


Entering a keyword in the Search bar filters the Menu tree [2] so that only entries which contain the keyword are displayed (i.e. searching for 'Last Day').

NOTE Search results are case insensitive.

Positive entries which are returned by the search bar are brought to the top of the Menu tree. The search results will return all entries where the keyword exists. 

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Creating menus

Create a menu selection for meals, dessert and drinks and then add to a weekly Calendar, Templates and Theme days:

Go to Menus > click on a Menu type > click Add Menu [1]


Enter a Description [2] for the Menu and set the Category [3], the Category check boxes [4] are only available for the Lunch Category. The Main and Dessert options are selected by default, you can decide if you wish to include Vegetable Items and Drink Items in the Menu options.

Manager users can select one or more Available areas [5] check boxes from the list to use the same menu across multiple sites.

Press Save[6] to create a new Menu Type.

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Assigning Menu Items

Go to Menus > Menus > select a Menu [1] to edit


Users can select Items from the following Items lists:

  1. Main Menu Items
  2. Vegetable Items
  3. Dessert Items
  4. Drink Items

Administrators can add Main Items to a Main Menu [3], Vegetable Items to a Vegetable Menu[4], Dessert Items to a Desserts Menu[5] and Drink Items to a Drinks Menu[6]. The Whiteboard UI has been updated to make this larger selection visible by using left and right screen scrolling. The Web based Parent Pre-selection also supports the increase in available Menu Items.

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Archiving menus

NOTE The Archive option is not available if the menu is on a template for a future date.

Menus that are no longer needed can be Archived by doing the following:

Go to Menus > right mouse click a Menu > click Edit Menu [1]


In the Edit Menu window click the Archive check-box [2] and click Save [3].

To un-archive a Menu click the Archive [4] collapsible menu to navigate to the menu you want to un-archive, right mouse click the archived menu and select Edit Menu. In the Menu window click the Archive checkbox [2] check box so it is un-ticked and click Save [3].

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  3. Templates
  1. Creating a Menu Template
  2. Assigning Menus to Templates
  3. Assigning Menus to Student Templates

Creating a Menu Template

In the Templates sub-menu the Templates [1] will have been already set-up and cannot be created where as the Student Templates [2] are used can be created Special Menu templates to be assigned to a student by clicking the Add Template [3] option.


In the Menu Templates pop-up window, enter a Description [4] and press Save [5].

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Assigning Menus to Templates

Menus are available for selection in the Templates menu [1], these Menus can be added to the Weekly Menu calendar [2] (the Template).


After assigning Menus to the Template calendar click Save [3]. 

School Admin users can add Menus for a current week if the current week's template is a Blank menu [4]. This feature will only be available if the current week's template is blank.

NOTE: The current week's Menu cannot be changed between 8:45 am and 10:00 am.

To remove a Menu from the Calendar (Template) click the Delete [5] icon to the right of the Menu entry.

Important:  When removing a Menu from the Calendar (Template) be aware that this action will automatically remove all pre-orders that have been made for that week.

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Assigning Menus to Student Templates

School Admins can assign a special Menu Template to any pupil, not just those with allergies (Student Templates). Specific Student Templates make it possible to meet student’s dietary or lifestyle requirements e.g. Gluten Free.

School Admins

Go to Meals > Students > select a student > Edit Student window Student tab [1] > Menu template dropdown [2] > select a Menu (Student) template [3] (i.e. Gluten Free Menu)


Menu templates for students with Dietary Requirements and Allergies remain active if a Theme day Menu is applied to a particular day in the Calendar, making it possible for these students to keep their special Menu Items.

When a student has a Menu Template assigned to them, any Meal pre-selections for today or in the future are automatically deleted. A pre-selection for today which has been applied (e.g. it is now the afternoon and the pupil has taken the meal) are not deleted.

Important:  Only Managers can view the records of the deleted pre-selections are recorded in the deleted pre-selections table with information that they have been deleted due to a student menu being applied.

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