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  Table of Contents
  1. Contracts
  2. Regions, Districts & Areas
  3. Action Types


Use the Contracts type to create a Contract type for Contract users in System > Users 

NOTE This can also be used for Invoicing where contract specific information is required e.g. Invoices - Generating consolidated invoices for contracts.

Go to Admin > Types > Contracts > Add [1]/Edit Contracts popup


In the Contract tab enter the contract Description [2] (e.g. Fixed Price Contract) and enter the company Name [3], Address [4], City [5] and Postcode [6] .

In the Contact tab enter the Contact details [1] of the Point Of Contact (POC) who handles the contract and invoices. 


Tick the Email Invoices [2] check box if you want invoices to be automatically sent to the POC when they are generated. 

NOTE The Email field must be filled in for this feature to work.

In the Invoice tab Admin users can create custom invoice prefixes for different contracts. The Invoice prefix [1] data entry field can be alphanumeric and has a 25 character/number limit.


The Invoice number length [3] is limited from 1 to 12 (e.g. Invoice number length set to 3 limits it to a maximum of 999).

Set the Invoice start number [4] (e.g. start number is set to 3 so the first invoice will be 3 and increase incrementally).

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Regions, Districts & Areas

Create a Region (e.g. South East England) to assign to a District (e.g. Vale of White Horse) which an Area (e.g. Grove) can be assigned to when setting a Site in System Sites.

Important:  Region and District Types must be enabled before they can be used, please contact Cypad support to have these features enabled. 

  Table of Contents
  1. Create a new Region
  2. Create a new District
  3. Create a new Area
  4. Site Super Groups
  5. Site Groups
  6. Site Types


Create a new Region

To create a new Region, do the following:

Go to Types  > Regions > Add [1]


When creating a Region give it a Description [2] (e.g. South East England) and add the details of a Point of Contact in the Contact 1 [3] field and use the Contact 2 [4] field if there is a second POC, add any important Notes [5] then click Save [6].

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Create a new District

To create a new District, do the following:

Go to Types > Districts > Add [1]


When creating a District give it a Description [2] (e.g Vale of the White Horse), assign a Region [3] from the drop down menu and click Save [4].

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Create a new Area

Important:  Area Types are a compulsory field! 

To create a new Area, do the following:

Go to  Types > Areas > Add [1]


When creating a new Area give it a Description [2] (e.g. Grove), add the Email Address/es [3] for emailing Reports to the Area managers (separate multiple email address with a semicolon), select a District [4] from the drop down list and click Save [5].

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Site Super Groups

If required Super Groups can be used to define an Academy Trust Group that can be used for multiple  before it can be assigned to a Site Group.

Go to Types > Site Super groups > Add [1]


In the Add Site Super Groups window enter the Super Group Name [2] or use their initials if the group name is longer than the character limit.

NOTE The Super Group name field has a 20 character limit.

Enter the Email addresses [3] of the persons who will receive and handle any invoices that are generated and click Save [4].

NOTE Separate emails addresses with a semi-colon ;

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Site Groups

This Group can be used if required to define your Site Group (e.g. Academy, Free School, Private School, etc.) which are used in System > Sites > Group drop down.


Go to Types > Site Groups > Add [1] 


In the Add Site Group window enter the Site Group [2] name, set the Super Group [3], enter the Email Addresses [4] of the persons who will receive invoices via email and click Save [5].

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Site Types

Important:  Site Types are a compulsory field! 

This is a compulsory feature, you must create Site Types (e.g. Primary, Offices, etc.) to be used in System > Sites > Type drop down.


Go to Types > Site Types > Add [1] or an Active site [2] to Edit the Site details


In the Add/Edit Site Type window enter the Site Type Name [3], if required, click the Choose File [4] button to add a image for the Site and click Save [5].

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Action Types

Action Types are associated with Questionnaires created in Site Questions for the data collection process.

  Table of Contents
  1. Adding Action Types
  2. Archiving & Deleting Action Types
  3. Floor Types
  4. Services
  5. Site Questions

Adding Action Types

On the Action Types page click the Show Archived [1] option to see any Archived Action Types [2].


You can either Add [1] or Edit [2] an existing Action type.


When editing or creating a new Action type fill in the the following fields:

3. Name & Description: Give the action a name that clearly identifies what it’s for and outline why this action is required and anything important that must be done to complete the action.

4. Days to finish: All actions must have a set amount of days the action must be completed by.

5. Questionnaire: Drop-down menu to select from active questionnaires in Cases.

6. Report to: Add the details for the person the action must be reported to:

  • Name: Identify who is responsible for doing the action.
  • Email: Add their email address.
  • Phone: Add their main contact number i.e. office phone number.
  • Mobile: Add their mobile number.

7. Save: Press Save to add the Action Type to the list.

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Archiving & Deleting Action Types

Old Action Types that have finished and are associated with live actions are automatically archived when they are deleted to preserve the data needed for the historical Actions.

When you Delete [1] an Action Type a Warning message will advise if the action type has been associated with other records, it will be archived instead.


Click the OK [2] button to complete the Delete/Archive action.

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Floor Types

The Floor Types are associated with the Monitor App for cleaning inspection room types and identifying different Floor types when creating or editing a record or action (e.g. how much it would cost to replace a wooden floor).

Go to Types > Floor Types > Add [1]


In the Add Floor window enter a Description [2] for the type of material being used, enter the Rate [3] cost per square inch and click Save [4].

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The Service Types are associated with the Monitor App for identifying different service types when creating or editing a record or action (e.g. cleaning). To create a new Service Type click the Add [1] button. mceclip12.png

In the Add pop-up window enter a service Description [2] and click Save [3].

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Site Questions

Use the Site Questions type to create questions which will be populated in the Site questions tab in System > Sites [1] > select a Site [2] > Site questions [3] tab.


Go to Types > Site Questions > Add [1] button


 In the Add Question window set the Question Type [2] to one of the following:

  • Text: Only the Short Question, Full Question, Maximum value and Criteria fields can be filled in.
  • Number: Only the Short Question, Full Question, Minimum value, Maximum value and Criteria fields can be filled in.
  • List: Only the Short Question, Full Question, Attributes and Criteria fields can be filled in.
  • Yes/No: Only the Short Question, Full Question, Criteria field and additional Second level authorisation required checkbox and email field can be filled in.
  • Header : Only the Short Question, Full Question and Criteria fields can be filled in.

When you have created your question click Save [3]

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