How to setup and configure user accounts

  Table of Contents
  1. Show Last Use
  2. Show Closed
  3. User Report
  4. Adding & Editing Users
  5. User Info
  6. User Admin - Module permissions & Email opt-out
  7. User Sites
  8. User Sync Log

Show Last Use

When checked the Show Last Use [1] checkbox will refresh the User table and replace the Phone [2] and Mobile [3] columns with details of the date the Desktop [4] was accessed, the time it was Last synced [5], the Duration [6] the user was logged in and what Version [7].



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Show Closed

When checked the Show Closed [2] checkbox will display user accounts that have been marked as Closed.


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User Report

The User Report [1] button is used to generate a downloadable PDF report of all the active users. 


The report will only include the user's Full name [2], Site Identifier [3] number and Site name [4] from the on screen table.


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Adding & Editing Users

  Table of Contents
  1. User Info
  2. User Details
  3. Status
  4. Role
  5. Site
  6. Contract & Service
  7. Order approval limit
  8. Checkboxes

User Info

Admin users can Add [1] or edit Existing Users [2] details.


When Creating or Editing a User fill in all the details on the Info tab and when complete click Save [7].


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User Details

The standard user details must be filled in. When creating a password it must contain at least 6 characters, one uppercase character and one number.

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Set the Status option to Open, Read Only or Closed.

  • Open users are accounts that are active
  • Read Only users can still view reports; however, they cannot make changes to data
  • Closed users are accounts that are closed.

NOTE: The Read Only option is not available to Admin users.


Inactive Accounts that are automatically closed by Cypad will send a notification E-Mail to the linked admin account.


When creating a new user the Roles available to you are restricted during the initial setup, if you require additional Roles to be made accessible please contact Cypad Support.

Users are assigned a level of access to the system appropriate to their role:

  • Standard – usually council-based, assigned to multiple areas for monitoring, cannot view sites
  • Manager – usually council-based, assigned to multiple areas for monitoring, can also be assigned to sites. Can access Desktop monitoring through PC or tablet.
  • Admin – system administrator, can be assigned multiple areas. Does not view sites or content on tablet.
  • Unit Manager (Cook) – school-based, assigned to one site only, uses the Staff and Kitchen modules on the tablet. They can access Desktop but this is not common.
  • Contract - an external worker (such as a contractor who provides kitchen repairs) who only has permission to access the Action and Publish functions in Cypad Monitor.
  • School Admin - assigned to their school account only.
  • Council Admin - assigned available modules only, they cannot view areas or sites.
  • Teacher - has access to the class whiteboard only.
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This option will only be selectable if you are creating a user account for a Manager, Unit Manager, School Admin, or Teacher. Select the Site that the user works at and move onto the Checkboxes.

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Contract & Service

This option will be available if you are creating a user account for a Contract worker. You can set the Contract type using the Contract [1] drop down and set the Service type using the Service [2] drop down.


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Order approval limit

Admin users can set an Order approval limit cap on how much a Unit Manager or Area Manager can order. Orders over the Order approval limit will need to be approved by the Admin user.

IMPORTANT: This feature will only work if the ‘Orders Need Manager Approval’ setting is enabled for your suppliers. For more information refer to Users - Order approval limits.

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Use the checkboxes below to enable the following features:

  1. Allowed to update closed inspections: This will make it possible for users to access and update closed inspection Forms in Monitor 
  2. Data collection emailing contact: This populates the Data Collection Status table with the user's contact details for when the 'Show not done for selected week' is enabled
  3. Device locked: For devices not managed by Cypad, this locks down the user's tablet to only use the Cypad App, all other Apps are disabled e.g. YouTube.


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User Admin - Module permissions & Email opt-out

NOTE: When a new user is set up, module permissions are applied automatically to the user type. To change these permissions contact Cypad Support.

Go to System > Users > select a user > Admin tab

Use the Areas Table [1] to select an Area using the Available [2] checkboxes. When the user ticks a checkbox in the Available column, the Emails [3] column for that Area is ticked automatically.



Manually un-tick the Emails tick box to exclude the user from any email communications related to that Area for users who do not want to receive automated emails e.g. Forms.

In the Modules Table [1] there are unselectable checkboxes with a tick that are the Default [2] modules that are applied to their Web and Tablet access.  


If the check box is selectable without a tick it is an Optional [3] module that can be added if required.

If the check box is greyed out without a tick it is Un-selectable [4] for the specific type of user account.

Click Save [5] to save these changes to the user account.

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User Sites

The Sites tab will become available when creating a Standard user, Manager user or Unit Manager user account. Select a site [1] from the Sites tab you determine what the user can see on the desktop and click Save [2]. If no sites are selected, the user can see all the available sites


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User Sync Log

Only Unit Managers have the Sync Log which shows the Date and Time [1], Duration [2] and Status [3] of each of the sync's the tablet has performed.


At the bottom right of the Edit User window is an Excel Report [4] icon, click this to download an excel report of the Sync Log.

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