How to generate a menu report

  Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Popular meal choices
  3. Deleted meal pre-orders


The Menus Analysis provides two reports: 

  • Popular meals choices being made by students and staff
  • Deleted meal pre-orders


After setting the Type set the Date Range [2] and Meal Type [3]. The Meal Types available are as follows:

  • All
  • Lunch
  • Dessert
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Popular meal choices

The Popular Meals Report will  generate a Popular Meals Table [1] when the Region [2], Date Range [3] and Meal Type [4] is set.


The Report can also be Exported [5] as an Excel spreadsheet that can be downloaded to your computer.

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Deleted meal pre-orders

The Deleted Pre-orders Report shows the sites and students whose pre-orders have been deleted. To view the report details be sure to select your Region from the left-hand side drop down menu tree.


The following are reasons for why a pre-selected meal has been deleted.

Admin Menu change

Pre-orders made by students and parents are deleted when the Admin makes any menu changes to the Menus Items, Menus or Templates.

NOTE Pre-orders can be made up to 20 days in advance in Kitchen Manager > Sites > Site > Meal Selection tab > Parent Pre-selection.

Menu assigned to student

Pre-orders are deleted when a Menu template is applied to a student to meet their Allergy or Dietary requirements. All pre-orders, bar the one for the day the menu is applied, are deleted and recorded in Menus Analysis. Refer to, Students - Special Menu templates for allergy and non-allergy students.

Mass removal by Teacher

The teacher can now delete an entire class's meal pre-selections, all at the same time, to avoid the Kitchen/Caterers making meals for students who will not be in school for the day. Refer to, Mass removal of student pre-selections.

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