Data Refresh Timing explained

Data shown in all Desktop applications except Reporting is ‘live’. When a tablet syncs the data is transferred to the Desktop and is immediately available.

The Reporting module shows data as at the end of the previous day for daily, weekly and monthly data; as at the end of the last week for annual and period data. Data for the current day needs to be added to the reports by the overnight refresh process.

Data Refresh Timings

Data collected on the Tablet or Desktop applications is refreshed automatically according to the following schedules:

  • Daily data, Weekly data and Monthly data - Every night after 20:00
  • Annual data, Period data – Every Friday after 20:00

During each refresh, all the Reporting data records for the last 35 days are automatically deleted, and the new Reporting data records are created and re-calculated.

  A manual refresh will need to be requested through Cypad Support in the event of data being updated outside of the 35 day window.


If data for 01/12/2019 is amended on the 15/01/2020, this is 45 days after the original date. Therefore will not automatically be updated in the data collection reports.

As the refresh process for the data collection reports is only up to 35 days after the 01/12/2019, any changes to the data for that day will only be refreshed up to the 5th January.

Desktop Reporting

Admin & Manager users can view data using the following Desktop functions.

Go to Reporting > Date Filters [1]


To view the daily data records go to Data Collection > Reader


Data Collection allows Admin users to run reports for specified a Date range [1] and selected KPI’s using the Show Filter [2] to select KPIs from Available KPIs pane [3] and drag-drop into the Selected KPIs pane [4].

NOTE: Despite being in Data Collection module, Reader will show data from all modules.

If the data is over 10,000 records the file will be too large to download directly to your computer. A popup box will appear asking Admin/Manager user to enter an email address, the data file will be generated on the system and sent to the email address in a Zip file.

Recurring data requests can be scheduled to be sent Daily or Weekly.

Go to Data Collection > Admin > Configure [1]


Set the Data Collection frequency using the recurring export Data Collection [2] drop down, you can set this to either Daily or Weekly.

Set the recurring export Format [3], the default is Cypad formatting.

Enter the email address that the Export will be sent to in the Email Recurring Export To [4] field. To enter multiple email addresses, use a semicolon (;) to separate each email.

Click Save [5].

Data Refresh Technical Explanation

Data Flow

Tablet > Desktop > Neutral File > Cubes

Neutral File

The Neutral File creates daily data records for each KPI e.g. Meals Free Child KPI – 2100.



The Cubes create cumulative total data records for the following date ranges.






Year start date setup in System > Admin > Calendar > Periods > Year start month



Periods setup in System > Admin > Calendar > Periods