Data Collection Questions - (SU) User Guide


 Table of Contents

  1. Default answer field
  2. Adding comments to data collection questions

Default answer field

Admin users can define the default values for data collection questions so if the question is not answered on the tablet the set default value will be used.

Go to Data Collection > Admin > Data Collection Questions > select a Question [1]


The Default [2] field is blank by default. When entering a value, the minimum value is 0.00 and the maximum value is 30,000.00.

NOTE: When a user changes the Default field a record of the event is recorded in the Event Log.

Default values visible on Desktop


Default values visible on tablet


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Adding comments to data collection questions

Admin users can add comments (Admin Note) to Data Collection questions to record additional information and answers to questions (e.g. what month a meal credit refers to). A new report is also available that shows all the Admin Notes where an Admin Note has been added.

Admin Note

Go to Data Collection > Data > select a Site [1] > enter a value into a Data Cell [2]


When there is a value in a cell the Add Note Icon [3] will be visible at the top of the column. Click the Add Note Icon to open the Admin Note field [4].

Enter your note, click OK [5] and click Save [6] to save all the data entries and notes made for the Site.

NOTE: The Admin Note field has a 250 character limit.

To generate a Report that shows all Admin Notes on Data Collection questions refer to Analysis - Orders and Deliveries.

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