Menus - Creating Lunch Menus

Users can create a menu selection for meals, dessert and drinks and then add to a weekly Calendar, Templates and Theme days.

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How to create Breakfast, Break, and Lunch Menus.

Creating Menus

Navigate to Menus > Menus.

Within the navigation tree click on 'Lunch' and select Add Menu [1].

Add Menus.png

Enter a Description [2] for the Menu and set the Category [3], the Category Check Boxes [4] are only available for the Lunch Category. The Main and Dessert options are selected by default. You can decide if you wish to include Vegetable Items and Drink Items in the Menu options.

Admin and Manager users can select one or more Available Areas [5] checkboxes from the list to use the same menu across multiple sites.

Press Save [6] to create a new Menu Type.

Menu Descriptions.png

Assigning Menu Items

Navigate to Menus > Menus.

Select the Relevant Menu Template [1] from the navigation tree.

Menu Template.png

Administrators can add up to 20 Items to a Main Menu [2] and up to 8 Menu items to a Vegetable Menu [3], Desserts Menu [4], and Drinks Menu.


The Drinks Menu will be located at the bottom of the page, users will have to scroll down in order to view it.

Using the Main Menu [5], Vegetables [6] and Dessert [7], drag and drop the required menu items into the respective menu type and Save [8].

Menu Items.png

The Whiteboard UI has been updated to make this larger selection visible by using left and right screen scrolling. The Web-based Parent Pre-selection also supports the increase in available menu items.

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