Multiple transactions of the same menu item

Staff and Students can now purchase multiple items for lunch for when they are buying meals for friends, colleagues or visitors. 


The Multiple transactions feature can be enabled/disabled for different Student Types [1] (e.g. Nursery, Student, Staff, Special), this is configured at site-level.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Sites > select a Site > Edit Site window Multiple Transactions tab [2] > tick the Checkboxes [3] to enable Multiple transactions > click Save [4]


When multiple transactions are enabled the member of staff can:

  • Purchase more than one of the same menu item
  • Purchase multiple different menu items for a single Menu Item Type (e.g. main, dessert, drink)
  • The user is charged for all items purchased.

Changes have been made to the Payments Transactions Meal Selection functionality so that the Admin can create new transactions with the Multiple menu item for an individual or edit/void existing transactions.



The multiple transactions option is available for Breakfast, Break and Main meal selections. If Meal Pre-selections have already been made the multiple transactions option will not be available.


If more than 10 of a menu item is being ordered, a popup warning is displayed on the tablet to confirm the large order is correct. Press Proceed to continue making the order for over 10 menu items.


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