Using SOTI MobiControl to locate a device


Using MobiControl you can track and pinpoint a device in real time. The location history feature makes it possible to find lost devices that are turned on. In the event the device is turned off you can use the tracking history to analyse and determine an approximate area where it could be.

NOTE: MobiControl depends on a combination of GPS, WiFi and Mobile network connectivity to determine the location of a device. If the device is turned off or has no connectivity it cannot be located.

Device Information Charts

The information represented in Charts [2] is determined by the contents of the Devices list. Click the Charts button [1] to add or remove these charts from a pre-defined list to display device properties that you need.

Using the Locate Feature

  1. Select the device to locate [3], only select one device [4].
  2. Double click on the selected device to open the Device Details screen [1].
  3. Click the Location [2] menu option.
  4. The Location screen will open and start searching for your selected device.
  5. When the device is located will confirm the General location [1] and automatically zoom into the map and give you the Current location [4].
  6. Click on the Current location [4] marker on the map to view the Location details [3].
  7. You can view the Previous locations [5] of the device, and if required, click on the Previous location map marker for the location details.
  8. Click on the Zoom In/Out [2] buttons to zoom in or out of the map.
  9. At the bottom of the location map are examples of the Current location [1] marker and Previous locations [2] marker.
  10. To Locate [3] the device, should you need to refresh the search, the map will automatically reposition itself to display the device's location.
  11. The History [5] button is used to provide you with a timeline of a device’s movements which will appear on the map. Set a tracking Start Date [12] and Start Time [14] and the End Date [13] and End Time [15] then press OK [16].