Admin - Order approval configurable at site level

Admins can set certain suppliers to only have approvable orders.

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How to set up Order Approvals.

Accessing Admin

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Admin.

Enabling Order Approvals

Select Suppliers [1] from the navigation tree and click on the Relevant Supplier [2].


Open the Info Tab [3] within the newly opened window and select the Orders Need Manager Approval Checkbox [4].



This process will apply the change across all sites assigned to the chosen template.

No Approval Orders By Site

Approval orders can be figured per site. If a site does not require approval, you can disable the feature within the site configuration details.

Navigate to Kitchen Manager > Sites.

Select the Relevant Site [1] to load site configuration details.


Within the newly opened window open the Suppliers Tab [2].

Using the No Approval Column [3] set whether Order Approval is enabled for the single site by selecting the Checkbox.


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