Staff Details Questionnaire: Attributes and Decimal Places

When designing a number type question in Kitchen Manager or Monitor, users can define the number of decimal places (0 to 3 decimal places).

Importing a .csv spreadsheet

Go to Staff > Admin > Import [3] > Import type: Staff Questions [1] > Refer to Field order guide [4] for spreadsheet layout > click Choose File [2] button to import the .csv spreadsheet.

Designing a Staff questionnaire

Go to Staff > Design > Staff Details menu > TVS Staff Question [1] > Add Group [2]

In the Add Group Details, enter a Name [3], Description [4] and Validation type [5], then click Save [6].

After adding a Question Group, left mouse click the Question Group entry [1] and select Add Question [2].

Set the Question type [1] to Number, the Attributes [2] field is renamed Decimal places [3]. 

NOTE: You are limited to 3 decimal places.

 ADDITIONAL: Negative numbers can be entered against certain question types.

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