Publish - Add Image/Icon to New and Published URL's

A new feature has been added to Kitchen Manager and Monitor Publish URL functionality to add an image or icon to a URL.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Publish > URLs [1] > Add [2]

To create a new URL with an Icon, do the following:

  1. Give the URL a Title [1]
  2. Confirm the Category [2] is set to URL
  3. Set the Priority [3]. This is not required for publishing URLs.
  4. Set the Available From [4] and Available To [5] date. The Available from and to dates are to define when the URL is accessible.
  5. Enter the URL [6] address.
  6. Click Choose File [7] to select and upload an image file.
    NOTE: Image files can be no bigger than 50 Kb.
  7. Click Upload [8] to complete the publish action.