Temperature recording using ETI probes

Cypad has teamed up with Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd. (ETI) to provide you with a time efficient way to take and record service time temperatures. Currently, service time temperature recording is done using forms which means you have to manually record the temperature of each menu item. The ETI Thermapen Blue probe uses Bluetooth to pair with the Cypad Kitchen Manager App to automatically record the item temperatures for you.

Go to Kitchen Manager App > Temperature Check App [1]

In the Temperature Check App click the Cooking button [2] > set the Session [3] (Cooking, Hot handling or Cold handling) > turn on the probe to automatically Connect [4] the to the tablet.

Select the Meal item [5] being cooked > Probe the meal item, wait approx. 5 seconds > press the button to securely transmit your temperature data to the Temperature Check App.

NOTE: The Bluetooth range of the probe is up to 50 metres.