Temperature Check App - Temperature recording using ETI probes

Cypad has teamed up with Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd. (ETI) to provide you with a time efficient way to take and record service time temperatures. Currently, service time temperature recording is done using forms which means you have to manually record the temperature of each menu item. The ETI Thermapen Blue probe uses Bluetooth to pair with the Cypad Kitchen Manager App to automatically record the item temperatures for you.

NOTE: Customers interested in purchasing an ETI probe, please contact support for details.

Go to Kitchen Manager App > Temperature Check App [1]


In the Temperature Check App the ThermapenBlue [2] is automatically connected. Press one of the Product items [3] from the list and press the Add a Template [4] button.

Select the required Temperature templates [1] for the product item and press the Save button [2]. 


When temperature templates have been applied to a Product item you will see the Available templates [3] indicators. Select a Product item [4] with active templates to start the recording the item temperature. 

Select the required Cooking template [1] to open the Temperature recording screen.


On the Temperature recording screen the Upper and Lower limits [2] for the temperature probe template are displayed so when the cook is measuring the temperature of an item they can see if the reading is within the max/min temperature range. 

When the Actual temperature [3] reading is within the Lower and Upper limits [2] the text will turn Green. Press the ThermapenBlue button to securely transmit your temperature data to the Temperature Check App. Alternatively, press the Done [4] button to log the Actual temperature [3] reading and return to the Products items list.

NOTE: The Bluetooth range of the probe is up to 50 meters.