Table of Contents
  1. The Status filter
  2. The Start/End Date filters
  3. The Supplier Filter
  4. Orders with discrepancies
  5. Ordered items options (Right mouse click)
  6. Order Details
  7. Order Confirmation
  8. Order Delivery Note
  9. Order Delivery
  10. Order re-open for Delivery


The Orders menu shows a list of orders for the selected site. The Desktop display varies with each contract and site, but the illustration below is typical. There is no ‘add order’ function on the Desktop as orders are always added on the tablet.

Kitchen Manager > Orders > select a Site > Filters (Status [1], Start Date/End Date [2], Supplier [3], Show only orders with discrepancies [4]


The Status filter

The Order Status filter has a list of options to view orders at different stages from placing the order to delivery of the order.

The different options available in the Status filter are as follows:

  • All = view all orders
  • In Progress = The order is being created but is not yet ready for submission
  • Submitted = The order is completed and submitted for
  • Sent from Cypad (At Supplier) = The order has been sent to the
  • Not delivered = The order is now out for delivery from the supplier
  • Delivered = The order has been received and is marked off as ‘Delivered
  • Rejected = These are orders that have been submitted and rejected by either the supplier or Cypad i.e. delivery date inside minim days required for delivery
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The Start/End Date filters

By default the End Date filter will be set to the current date and the Start Date filter will be set to the week before. When you change the Start Date the Orders page will automatically refresh to load the order details from the new Start date.

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The Supplier Filter

The Supplier Filter will list all the current suppliers who you can place orders with. When you set the Supplier filter to one supplier only orders placed with that supplier will be displayed.

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Orders with discrepancies

All orders with discrepancies are highlighted in red for easy identification.

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Ordered items options (Right mouse click)

Depending on its status, when you right mouse click on an order you will see a drop-down menu with the following options:

  1. Order
  2. Confirmation
  3. Delivery Note
  4. Delivery
  5. Change to Del. in Progress


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Order Details

In the Order details window you can either Export [1] or Report [2]  the original order that was submitted to the supplier.


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Order Confirmation

The Order confirmation window provides you with the original order that was received by the supplier.


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Order Delivery Note

The Order delivery note window provides you with the original order delivery note from the supplier to the school kitchen.


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Order Delivery

The Order delivery window provides you with the original order delivery record of what has been delivered, this is confirmed by the cook.

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Order re-open for Delivery

After an order status is changed to Delivered, Admin users can re-open deliveries so that cooks can add new items to the delivery without contacting Cypad Support.


NOTE The 'Change to Del. in Progress' button in Kitchen Manager Orders is only visible for Administrators.

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