Adding photos to Asset items on a tablet

New and existing asset items can now have a photograph stored with the asset details. The photograph can be added from a photograph taken on the tablet. 

  1. In the Module Select screen open the Assets App.
  2. Select a site [1] to edit, a pop-up menu will open, select the Assets [2] option.
  3. Select an Asset [3], the assets pop-up menu will open, select the Edit [4] option.
  4. In Asset details scroll to the bottom of the page. Select the Image photo icon [5] to take a photo.

    NOTE: If the Image photo icon [5] has a Green indicator [6] a photo has already been attached to the asset.
  5. After you have taken and saved your photo the Green indicator [6] will appear next to the Image photo icon [5].
  6. To preview the photo, select the Image photo icon [5]. In the preview you will have two options to either Delete image [7] or Rotate [8] (Clockwise 90 degrees).
    NOTE: Click the back button on the tablet to exit the preview screen.

Photo - Creative Commons 3.0

ADDITIONAL: Refer to Assets - Adding photos to Asset items for Desktop support.


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