Admin - Small MAT aggregated reporting

  Table of Contents
  1. Activate the feature
  2. Setup an Area
  3. Assign a Type
  4. Update Manager Area Availability


Activate the feature

All User Types (Admins, Managers, etc.) can be set to ‘Allow users to only see their areas’ so that they can only see Reporting data for their related Areas.

Go to Admin > Configure [1] > click the Allow users to only see their areas checkbox [2]


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Setup an Area

System > Admin > + Types > Areas > Add > Enter a MATs name and select a District > Save


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Assign a Type

System > Types > Sites > select a site (e.g. Abbey Lane Primary (Area: BC)) > Site Tab > Area: Assign MAT Site 1 > Save


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Update Manager Area Availability

SystemUsers > Manager > select a manager (e.g. *Demo Monitor) > Admin > click the Area Available Check box to select specific sites > Save


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