What is Meal Manager?



  Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Who is it for?
  3. What are the benefits?
  4. Who uses Meal Manager?
  5. What are the tablet capabilities?
  6. How do you book a meal?
  7. The Desktop in brief


Meal Manager is cost-effective, paperless administration system designed to transform and simplify the management of the school catering process. Using an integrated web and tablet-based system, single schools or small groups of schools can manage everything from meal selection, production and consumption through to payment details and analysis. School administrators and head teachers can use Meal Manager to share insights into the running of the kitchen, promoting a consistent, efficient and beneficial service. Parents/carers and their children have the convenience of selecting their meals in advance at home or children can use the class whiteboard, laptop or tablet on the day.

Cypad provide a complete system which includes access to a Desktop to manage the system and a tablet for use in the kitchen. Users can access a handy online knowledge base which can take them through many of the tasks.

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Who is it for?

Meal Manager is designed for primary schools or academies who do their own in-house catering. We assume the school already has staff who are experienced caterers.

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What are the benefits?

Combined with ParentPay, Meal Manager enables the school to:

  • Reduce waste through accurate meal production
  • Reduce the need for cash payments
  • Improve take-up of school meals
  • Improve communication between stakeholders
  • Help children learn to make healthy eating choices
  • Comply with regulatory food practices
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Who uses Meal Manager?

School Business Managers

School Business Managers will purchase and manage the system, using the Cypad Desktop to manage the account and the system, and running reports.


Teachers use the classroom whiteboard or tablets during morning registration to record meal selections by pupils.


Cooks use the Cypad tablet (when supplied) as a low-cost cashless system.


Pupils choose meals using the class whiteboard or school tablets, or at home with their parents. Pupil with allergies are only able to select meals which do not contain their allergies.


Parents use a phone, tablet or laptop to select their children’s meals in advance and manage their allergies.

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What are the tablet capabilities?

Every task carried out on the tablet has its own app. 

Meals Chosen

A live summary of meals requested and served, special meals requested, class orders, and meal numbers (free and paid for by key stage).


Syncing between tablet and the cloud/desktop normally happens in the background, but the user can also force a sync using the Sync app.

Meal Register

Record meals taken using the tablet.

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How do you book a meal?

At home

Parents and children can select meals in advance at home, enabling them to plan more accurately at a time to suit them.

At school

Children choose their meals on the day of service using the school whiteboard, tablet or teacher’s laptop.

Breaks, breakfast clubs, drinks, theme days and after-school clubs can be catered for.

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The Desktop in brief

Menus module

Add menu items with nutrition and allergen information, create menus and menu templates, and add theme days using the calendar function.

Meals module 

View meal transaction data for every child on a weekly basis, manage students, view a range of meal analysis reports, and create meal messages for the class whiteboard.

Reporting module 

Create trading summary reports, and single and multiple KPI reports.

Settings module 

Manage account, amend site roll numbers, meal prices and debt limits, and amend user details for school admin, kitchen staff, and teacher.

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