Admin - Add a new supplier and import stock spreadsheet

This quick ref outlines how to add a new supplier and import a stock spreadsheet.



The Add Supplier Details window appears:



Set up email integration

When an order is placed an email is automatically sent to the supplier. To set this up: 

  1. In the Integration method drop-down list select ‘Formatted Email’
  2. In the Email field enter the supplier's email address
  3. In the Non-food check box, select whether the item is non-food. 

Set up FTP integration

For a full FTP integration, the supplier must supply Cypad with an FTP server address. Cypad will set up this address on the Desktop. 


Order Limits tab

In the Order Limits tab, you can set the required minimum order level and working days to deliver if this is required by the supplier.


Choose the Import type

When you have added the supplier, you can then import the stock item spreadsheet from you own computer.

Go to Kitchen Manager > Admin > Import:



  1. Select the import type from the Import type drop-down list (in the above example, ‘Stock’). On the screen you will see the Field Order, which is a list of required columns/column headings that must be included in your Excel spreadsheet for it to import successfully. 
  1. The first row of your Excel spreadsheet must match these column headings. You must also complete any mandatory fields. 
  1. When you have completed your spreadsheet save it as a .CSV file. 
  1. On the Cypad Import page click Choose file, browse to the file on your computer and select it. You will see a loading bar on the screen.
  1. In a few seconds you will receive a notification that the import has been successful. If for any reason it has not , you will see a notification of the lines that failed. Click on the log file to view the issue.