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  1. Add an account
  2. Add User window: Info tab
  3. Add User window: Sites tab
  4. Add User window: Admin tab
  5. Sync log

This quick ref shows how to add and edit new user accounts on the desktop. Users are assigned a level of access to the system appropriate to their role:

  • Standard – usually council-based, assigned to multiple areas for monitoring, cannot view sites
  • Manager – usually council-based, assigned to multiple areas for monitoring, can also be assigned to sites. When on site, can access Desktop monitoring through PC or tablet.
  • Admin – system administrator, can be assigned multiple areas. Does not view sites or content on tablet.
  • Unit Manager (Cook) – school-based, assigned to one site only, uses the Staff and Kitchen modules on the tablet. Does not use the Desktop.
  • Contract - an external worker (such as a contractor who provides kitchen repairs) who only has permission to access the Action and Publish functions in Cypad Monitor.
  • School Admin - assigned to their school account only.
  • Council Admin - assigned available modules only, they cannot view areas or sites.
  • Teacher has access to the class whiteboard only. 

Add an account

This example shows how to add a new Unit Manager account, but the task is the same for all roles. Some permissions and tabs will not be available for some roles:


This takes you to the Add User window.

Add User window: Info tab

In the Add User window > Info tab, enter the new user details then select the role from the user drop-down list:


Add User window: Sites tab

Enabling sites determines what the user can see on the desktop. If no sites are selected, the user can see all sites:


Add User window: Admin tab

In the Add User window, Admin tab, the Super User can enable area and module permissions:


NOTE  When a new user is set up, module permissions are applied automatically to the user type. To change these permissions, the user currently needs to make a request to Cypad.

Module permissions for users are set up by the Super User in System > Admin >User Type Modules:


Sync log


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