Form types

There are currently six types of form in Kitchen Manager including three new forms, Grid, Event and Transport. You can configure them so they require actions and sign-off, as well as automatically emailing them to managers:

  • Standard – the basic form lets you add a variety of question types
  • Fridge temp - allows fridge temperatures to be recorded with a time and date stamp
  • Auto-summarise - enables the user to sign-off multiple forms at the same time; the exported form automatically adds figures
  • Grid - enables you to create daily/weekly food checks or shift work data
  • Event - enables you add and edit a wide range of event types including hospitality and non-school meal income
  • Transport - lets the Production and Dining Centres record and sign off food supplies and deliveries on a single form

NOTE: When a format change is made to a form in the Kitchen Manager it will not change the format of archived forms.

To select a form


Grid form example

This form is used to record food temperatures or shift work. When you select the Grid form a Shifts tab appears in the window: 


 Grid form on the tablet


Event form example

This form is used to record specific one-off hospitality events and non-school income. Wen you select the Events form an Events tab appears in the window:


Event form on the tablet


Transport form example

This form is used to record supply and delivery on one form. Using one transport form you can view the supply and delivery details.

When you select the Transport form a Transport tab appears in the window:


Transport form on the tablet:


Style options when adding a form


In the Add Form window when you select from the Style drop-down list you have the following options: 

  1. No Action: The form will save and close when signed off with no further action
  2. Action Required: When completed the form will be displayed on the desktop in Kitchen Manager > Forms > Status: Action Required. The Admin/Manager can then select it and close to sign it off.
  3. Send Email: The form will be emailed to the address entered in 'Email to' (this option is shown when Send Email is selected)
  4. Email to Manager: The form will be emailed to the Manager user account where the site has been selected on the Sites tab, or the site area on the Admin tab. The Manager will need to add their email address to the user account prior to using this option.


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