Meal Register


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Sync your device

Before and after you use Meal Register you should sync your device. This ensures the information collected is passed back to the Payments Database. If the sync fails, try again after a minute. If it still fails contact our Support Team.

NOTE: It’s a good idea to get into the habit of syncing your device regularly.

School class list screen

Student list screen

Legend descriptions

  • Taken today – the student has taken this meal today
  • Meals pre-selected – the parent or student has pre-selected these meals through the web payments website or the school whiteboard
  • Meal eligible – the student is eligible for a meal today
  • Meal not eligible – the student is not eligible for a meal today
  • Balance overdue – the student has an overdue balance
  • Credit below £3 – student has less than £3 in their account
  • FSM student – student eligible for free school meals

Register meal selection for student

View student list and meal registration selections

Meal Chosen

Use the Meals Chosen feature to review meal selection by class for the current date and for previous weeks. You can also review weekly meal numbers by paid/free and by key stage:

Sync your device

Before and after you use Meal Register remember to sync your device.