Signing in with your Staff Payroll Number

Sync your device

Before and after you use Meal Register you should sync your device using the Sync option in the top right menu. This ensures the information collected is passed back to the Payments Database. If the sync fails, try again after a minute. If it still fails contact our Support Team.

Signing in with your Staff Payroll Number

Depending on how the Meal Register App has been set up you may be required to enter your Staff Payroll number before using the Meal Register App. 

  1. When you open the Meal Register App enter your Payroll number [1] in the Enter Staff Payroll Number field then click OK [2].


  1. After signing in you will see your Name [3] in the bottom right of the screens.


In the event the payroll number is incorrect an alert will pop up with the following message ‘Couldn’t find the staff member for this payroll number. Please try again.’ If this happens, and the number you have entered is correct, please contact your School Admin.

Switching users


In the event, you need a colleague to process the Meal Register for you be sure to use the Switch User options otherwise anything they do and record on the Tablet will be recorded in your name.  

  1. To switch users press the top right menu button, select the Switch User [1] option, and press OK [2] in the Confirm Action pop-up.


  1. You will return to the Enter Staff Payroll Number screen for the new user to enter their Payroll number and sign into the Meal register app.

School classes lists

  1. The default view in Meal Register is by Year, this can be changed by pressing the Top right menu [1] and selecting the View [2] option.View_Modes_Class_selection.jpg
  2. The figures in brackets show the number of students in the Class [3] and how many have Taken meals [4] today.
  3. When a class has been selected the View menu will have the following options:
Key Stage Class (list) Class (grid) All




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